Technology | 4 MIN READ

Jon Metzler connects people and places in ways that foster innovation

Jon Metzler brings insights and experience to his classes in strategy and competitive advantage in technology markets. And a fierce loyalty to UC ...
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Technology | 2 MIN READ

Searching for impact in big tech, finding it at Google

His three years as senior manager of strategic operations at KIPP DC, part of the nation’s largest network of public charter schools, gave Joseph ...
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Finance | 3 MIN READ

Preparing to lead in fintech

“I regularly ask myself three questions: ‘Am I growing? Am I learning? Am I having fun?’ If the answer to any question is ‘no,’ I re-evaluate my ...
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Technology | 2 MIN READ

Bridging the gap between communities of color and tech

Two years ago, Tiffany Shumate, MBA 23, traveled to Ghana to meet with a team of tech gurus and professors from local universities. As senior ...
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Different schedules.

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Photo of Salesforce hiring manager Layne Austin

Marketing | 3 MIN READ

The MBA from the eyes of a hiring manager at Salesforce

How companies recruit MBAs in 2020 has changed; what they are looking for in MBA candidates for internships and full-time positions has not. 
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Healthcare | 2 MIN READ

Pivoting to the business and technology of healthcare to promote the collective good

Emergency nurse, informatics coordinator, business analyst, and product manager. Patrick Eronini, RN, MBA 22, knows the US healthcare sector from ...
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Photo of Molly Zucker

Technology | 3 MIN READ

From retail wine to Big Tech: Executive MBA spurs alumna’s career pivot

Berkeley MBA for Executives graduate Molly Zucker Carson, EMBA 19, attended Haas to grow her business and leadership skills. She planned to apply her ...
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Entrepreneurship | 5 MIN READ

SoftBank’s Vision Fund has $100 billion to invest in tech companies

If the current state of startups proves anything, it’s that the possibilities are endless for entrepreneurs, no matter where you are in your career. ...
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Technology | 3 MIN READ

Get your MBA and get on the fast track to becoming a world-class tech leader

Do you dream of becoming the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Susan Wojcicki, or Elon Musk? These and other influential tech leaders take a visionary ...
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Technology | 2 MIN READ

Making impact: Berkeley EMBA grad fuels cleantech and women entrepreneurs

When Rose Maizner, EMBA 17, met with RenewableTech Ventures founder Todd Stevens to discuss the possibility of joining their team, she complimented ...
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Technology | 3 MIN READ

How a “deep geek” rose to leadership during the tech revolution

From an internship at NASA to running engineering at Reddit to developing business intelligence (BI) software first at Microsoft and now as chief ...
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Mukund Chavan, EMBA '15

Energy & Cleantech | 2 MIN READ

Haas alum leverages curiosity into a cleantech career

It was 1986 and a teenaged Mukund Chavan, EMBA '15, landed on the East Coast from India deeply curious about the technology that was incubating ...
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