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Noa Elan’s Marketing Odyssey from Selling Soap to the Ride of Her Life at Lyft

By Liz Rosenberg   |   5/02/2019
Noa Elan’s career has unfolded a bit like the title of the Grateful Dead album – what a long strange trip it’s been.

How an EMBA Propelled Marketer Nick Johnson from Startup to Salesforce

By Susan Petty   |   4/18/2017
Meet Nick Johnson – a director of marketing at Salesforce and a 2016 graduate of the Berkeley-Haas EMBA program. Nick spoke with us about his Berkeley MBA, his career in marketing, and his recent shift from ...

Guest Blog: Women's Entrepreneurship

By Julia Sprague   |   2/14/2012
The following post is from current EWMBA student, Oscia Wilson (EWMBA'13):


By Shamik Bandyopadhyay   |   12/02/2011
If there is one thing you really get good at as you progress along the EWMBA road, it is multitasking; or rather, learning to switch between different tasks and make a lot of progress in short bursts. Fall B ha...

Confessions of a Workaholic

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   12/01/2009
"Thanksgiving break has come and gone, but all we know is work goes on!" It's been a rough semester all around. All in all, I am beginning to think second-year is just as tough as the first-year, but in a very ...

Marketing 2.0

By Oliver Strutynski   |   4/05/2009
We had our second session of my "Marketing in Web 2.0" class this week. The class is taught by Andreas Weigend, formerly the chief scientist at and and a respected expert in data-driven marketing and...

First day of YEAH

By Aaron Berndt   |   9/14/2008
Yesterday was the first day of YEAH (Young Entrepreneurs At Haas). I had a great morning (albeit a bit early) spent with two other mentors and 7 high school freshman. I was a bit unsure of what to expect when I...

Doc, Can you save our Business Plan?

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   4/18/2008
In Professor Glazer's informal talk with a bunch of students he narrated his experience working with startups and his reputation as "Business Plan Doctor". When many of the startups whose business plans get rej...

Plugging the Marketing Club

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   4/18/2008
Our Marketing Club Prezs hit two home runs this week. For Tuesday, they arranged a private reception with Professor Emeritus David Aaker. Professor Aaker was at Haas to do a session for the whole school, the re...