Admissions Tips | 6 MIN READ

The online GMAT/GRE/EA: what to expect and how to succeed

Updated August 27, 2020 - While some test centers are beginning to re-open worldwide, many prospective MBA students are still choosing to take their ...
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David Miller

Full-time | 2 MIN READ

For this MBA, Beyond Yourself isn't just a slogan, but a way of thinking

It's easy to say you want to use your career to positively impact others' lives. But actually putting in the effort to make that happen can be ...
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Product Management | 3 MIN READ

3 Berkeley Haas alumni on how an MBA helped them break into product management

If you want to have a hand in creating products that impact people’s lives, you might be eyeing a career in product management. The product manager ...
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How to calculate the ROI of an MBA

While an MBA is a significant investment, it can also be a wise one. Here's one way to calculate the ROI.


Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

How to strengthen your MBA application: a step-by-step guide

This year we’ve put extra focus on giving you the tools you need to submit your best application. We hope these resources will help demystify the MBA admissions process.
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Pre-Application Advising | 3 MIN READ

How to examine your past to differentiate your contribution to an MBA program

For many prospective MBA students, applying for a program can call up a lot of emotion. 
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Photo of Elisse Douglass

Full-time | 3 MIN READ

From fixing shattered windows to funding a Black business revival

Politically engaged and eminently practical, Elisse Douglass, MBA 16, leapt in to help clean up downtown Oakland during the Black Lives Matter ...
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Evening & Weekend | 3 MIN READ

Berkeley Haas MBA students share tips for improving your GMAT quant score

If you’ve already started looking into the admissions process for a Berkeley Haas MBA, you know you need a good score on the Quantitative section of ...
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Admissions Tips | 3 MIN READ

What can you contribute to an MBA class?

One of Berkeley Haas’ Defining Leadership Principles is Beyond Yourself. When working to shape our world ethically and responsibility, Beyond ...
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Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

Pivoting to the business and technology of healthcare to promote the collective good

Emergency nurse, informatics coordinator, business analyst, and product manager. Patrick Eronini, RN, MBA 22, knows the US healthcare sector from ...
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Finance | 4 MIN READ

Women in leadership: expanding access to those underserved by the traditional financial system

The World Bank estimates that about 1.7 billion adults around the world are without a bank account at a financial institution or through a mobile ...
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Evening & Weekend | 4 MIN READ

Women in leadership: leading transformation as CFO

Bahaar Sidhu, MBA 13, CFO of Berkeley Partners, empathizes with her evening & weekend MBA classmates, acknowledging, “Haas trained us well for ...
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Full-time | 4 MIN READ

What Haas alumni taught us about entering the job market in a recession

Berkeley Haas recently hosted a panel talk called, “Weathering the Storm: Stories of Career Success in Challenging Times” where Haas alumni who ...
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Full-time | 3 MIN READ

Dan Kihanya, MBA 96: Do you see me in this American crisis?

As an entrepreneur, I’m already in solution mode. But that is for another blog post. This one is about processing and being authentic. Now is the time.
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