Admissions Tips | 6 MIN READ

The online GMAT/GRE/EA: what to expect and how to succeed

Updated June 26, 2020 - Prospective MBA students who have been unable to take in-person admissions exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic can now take ...
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Finance | 4 MIN READ

Women in leadership: expanding access to those underserved by the traditional financial system

The World Bank estimates that about 1.7 billion adults around the world are without a bank account at a financial institution or through a mobile ...
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Evening & Weekend | 4 MIN READ

Women in leadership: leading transformation as CFO

Bahaar Sidhu, MBA 13, CFO of Berkeley Partners, empathizes with her evening & weekend MBA classmates, acknowledging, “Haas trained us well for ...
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How to calculate the ROI of an MBA

While an MBA is a significant investment, it can also be a wise one. Here's one way to calculate the ROI.


Full-time | 4 MIN READ

What Haas alumni taught us about entering the job market in a recession

Berkeley Haas recently hosted a panel talk called, “Weathering the Storm: Stories of Career Success in Challenging Times” where Haas alumni who ...
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Full-time | 3 MIN READ

Dan Kihanya, MBA 96: Do you see me in this American crisis?

As an entrepreneur, I’m already in solution mode. But that is for another blog post. This one is about processing and being authentic. Now is the time.
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Full-time | 4 MIN READ

Bree Jenkins, MBA 19: Being Black at Berkeley Haas

You have to keep reminding people that you do not carry the perspective of everyone who happens to have your same skin color. You are an individual; sometimes you want to be treated that way.
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MBA for Execs | 2 MIN READ

Binundu Isaiah Samuel, EMBA 20: It is not OK!

Our cohort will give rise to great leaders who will have the opportunity and power to drive change and influence the world! We must heed the lessons of our past and present to ensure our future will be better.
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Community | 4 MIN READ

Marco T. Lindsey: Thoughts from your Black colleague

I'm writing this now, but to be honest, I really don't want to be bothered. I don't want to write, I don't want to talk, I don't want to work, I don't want to socialize.
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Full-time | 2 MIN READ

Berkeley Haas alums help feed the community in the midst of a crisis

Kirsten Tobey spent a decade in education before pursuing her MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She knew when her students did not have ...
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innovation | 3 MIN READ

Economic uncertainty as catalyst: how an MBA helps you to pivot in unpredictable times

Thanks to economic shakeups caused by COVID-19, many Americans are bracing for a recession. Berkeley Haas professor Laura Tyson says the depth and ...
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Women in Leadership | 4 MIN READ

Learning from the female leaders spearheading the global pandemic fight

Women account for 51% of the U.S. population, but only 33% of business owners with employees, and just 7% of all global leaders. But, during the ...
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Work Experience | 4 MIN READ

7 ways to maximize a suddenly remote work experience while you're earning an MBA

COVID-19 is changing how the world works, plays, studies, and communicates—at least for the time being. If you’ve recently shifted into a remote work ...
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Kellie McElhaney teaches in classroom

Diversity | 4 MIN READ

Kellie McElhaney talks equity fluency, courage, and vulnerability

Starting from the position that “if you aren’t intentionally inclusive, you are unintentionally exclusive,” Kellie McElhaney helped develop the concept of equity fluent leadership™.
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