Rachel poses with classmates and friends atop the Berkeley Haas sign

Marketing | 3 MIN READ

Ignoring limitations, taking risks, and practicing compassion

Three years old is too young to understand why mommy is gone two nights a week, but Rachel Lui Pang, MBA 24, wants her daughter to one day “be proud ...
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Group of Berkeley Haas students talking inside a lecture hall.

MBA Benefits | 5 MIN READ

Your MBA, your way: Comparing part-time MBA options

The decision to pursue an MBA isn’t one big decision. Rather, it is a series of smaller decisions: Where? When? Which format? Why?
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Video still image of Shilpa Worlikar smiling in Berkeley Haas video.

Haas culture | 3 MIN READ

How the Berkeley Haas leadership principles define the MBA experience

You don’t have to talk long with a Berkeley Haas MBA student to realize what they discovered—sometimes to their surprise: The fourDefining Leadership ...
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How to calculate the ROI of an MBA

While an MBA is a significant investment, it can also be a wise one. Here's one way to calculate the ROI.

Still of Chloe Kauffman, MBA 23, in Berkeley Haas Video.

MBA Benefits | 3 MIN READ

Insights into why Haas might be the business school for you

There are just shy of 500 accredited business schools in the U.S. But there is only one Berkeley Haas School of Business. As entrepreneurJarett ...
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Uncategorized | 2 MIN READ

The immediate impact of an MBA boils down to expertise

One of the advantages of being in a part-time MBA program is the opportunity to learn from the expertise of your classmates. If you flip that on its ...
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Headshot of Analexis Glaude standing in front of a brown background.

Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

Doctoral student relishes research and teaching

Analexis Glaude knew early on that she wanted to be a professor and a role model for others and knew she would have to find the right area of ...
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Kristine Kushner

Uncategorized | 3 MIN READ

Students discuss why a part-time MBA program suited them (and might suit you too)

“I've got a couple of hungry kids and a dog and a cat, and they all want to keep eating, and they want to stay inside. That’s the reason I kept ...
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Headshot of Richard Golfin III, JD, EMBA 24.

Healthcare | 3 MIN READ

Seeking an MBA to change the future of health care

For Richard Golfin, III, JD, EMBA 24, health care is not just a business. It is a “fascinating area of life. After all, most of us start and end our ...
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Joselyn Baety, MBA 24, talks about her experience in the MBA program in the video "Student stories: A degree with an immediate ROI."

MBA Benefits | 3 MIN READ

Three ways to measure the immediate ROI of an MBA

Sometimes you have to wait a long time to see the results of an effort: The people involved with NASA’s Project Apollo worked for eight years to send ...
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Alyssa Kewenvoyouma, MBA/JD 22

Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

­­­­Acts of resistance and advocacy

Alyssa Kewenvoyouma, MBA/JD 22, has a strong sense of identity, an identity with many facets. She is Indigenous (Navajo and Hopi) and of Mexican ...
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Kellie McElhaney, PhD, founding director of EGAL at Berkeley Haas, speaks at the 2022 Diversity Symposium.

Diversity and Inclusion | 2 MIN READ

How to craft your story and create your brand star

Résumés loom large in the lives of many MBA applicants and graduates: Where you’ve worked, lived, and been educated. They distill your story into ...
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 Behind the scenes of Ghita Soulimani, MBA 23, filming "Why MBA".

MBA Benefits | 3 MIN READ

Berkeley Haas students answer the question: why get an MBA?

Joselyn Baety, MBA 24, spent years considering an MBA program, determining what her return on investment would be. Cost was a big factor, but not in ...
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