Finance | 3 MIN READ

Building bridges toward sustainability and impact

Alyssa Farrelly, MBA 21, had qualms about the magnitude of the career pivot she aspired to achieve: from nonprofit administration to impact ...
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Applying | 4 MIN READ

Eight things to look for when searching for an MBA program

Everyone has a different motivation for getting an MBA. Perhaps you want to take on a more challenging role or increase your current salary. Maybe ...
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Finance | 3 MIN READ

Preparing to lead in fintech

“I regularly ask myself three questions: ‘Am I growing? Am I learning? Am I having fun?’ If the answer to any question is ‘no,’ I re-evaluate my ...
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How to calculate the ROI of an MBA

While an MBA is a significant investment, it can also be a wise one. Here's one way to calculate the ROI.


Technology | 2 MIN READ

Bridging the gap between communities of color and tech

Two years ago, Tiffany Shumate, MBA 23, traveled to Ghana to meet with a team of tech gurus and professors from local universities. As senior ...
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Entrepreneurship | 2 MIN READ

Impact investing and impactful relationships

“I didn’t come to Berkeley Haas to get a job or a promotion. I came with high hopes of figuring my life out, building great relationships, and ...
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Shared office space behind a glass-walled conference room displaying Flowcast's logo

Alumni | 8 MIN READ

Five key lessons in building a startup

Ken So is the founder and CEO of Flowcast (Tillful), an SF-based fintech startup that provides an AI-based credit solution to help small businesses ...
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Alumni | 3 MIN READ

Reflection, risk, and reward in social impact

“We see trees from above ground and don’t often think about what goes on underneath. The same is true for supply chains. Just as a tree relies on ...
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Applying | 3 MIN READ

How to describe your career aspirations in your 2021 MBA application

It’s the beginning of a new year, and many of us have thought about and set goals. Goal-setting is important for moving forward in life, ...
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Social Impact | 2 MIN READ

On track to create positive change through impact investing

“Demonstrating that I could pivot to the funding side of investing without having a traditional quant background, while leveraging my operations ...
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Marketing | 2 MIN READ

A coaching approach to leadership on the job, on the field, and on Zoom

Paulina Lee, MBA 22, cheerfully admits to being a tad obsessive about her calendar. She says she “ruthlessly prioritizes the best ROI and value for ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

How to reframe your thinking to overcome imposter syndrome

When deciding whether or not to pursue an MBA, the biggest obstacle for Laura Teclemariam, EMBA 18, was her own self-doubt. She pushed through her ...
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Yannell Selman, MBA 21

Entrepreneurship | 3 MIN READ

From nonprofit to tech—this entrepreneur holds her roots in impact and community

Yannell Selman, MBA 21, began her professional career in nonprofit, starting with an assignment with Teach For America in Richmond, CA.
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