Gain clarity on your MBA decision with a curated selection of ideas and insights from faculty and staff, alumni, and student leaders at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Application Tips | 3 MIN READ

5 steps to requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Whether you're considering applying to an MBA program or looking to switch careers, letters of recommendation are often necessary. Asking someone ...
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Application Tips | 4 MIN READ

Why right now is the time to apply for a Berkeley MBA

At the start of 2020, innovating was something companies did to stay competitive. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s something that ...
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Admissions Tips | 6 MIN READ

The online GMAT/GRE/EA: what to expect and how to succeed

Updated July 22, 2020 - While some test centers are beginning to re-open worldwide, many prospective MBA students are still choosing to take their ...
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Consider | 8 MIN READ

Five reasons why MBA grads chose Berkeley Haas

There are many reasons why working professionals choose to pursue an MBA—from career advancement or making a career change to starting their own ...
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Compare the Berkeley MBA Program Options

Same world-renowned faculty. Same global alumni network. Same top-ranked MBA.
Different schedules.

Compare Berkeley MBA Programs

Women in Leadership | 3 MIN READ

How women can find mentors in the workplace

Most would agree connecting with the right mentor can help propel your career. Studies show women who have a mentor get more promotions, achieve ...
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Consider | 3 MIN READ

Three time management skills you'll master in business school

Most students come to business school to grow their business acumen and learn new skills in core subjects like data analysis, finance, marketing, ...
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Evening & Weekend | 1 MIN READ

How to ace your video interview

Video interviews continue to increase in popularity. 60% of hiring managers and recruiters use them to assess potential new hires according to a ...
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Application Tips | 3 MIN READ

How to describe your career aspirations in your 2020 MBA application

It’s the beginning of a new year, and many of us have thought about and set goals. Goal-setting is important for moving forward in life, ...
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Alumni | 3 MIN READ

Seven business leaders who (you might not realize) got their MBA at Berkeley Haas

People are always interested in the stories behind successful people. Their childhood, their interests, their education. These days—more often than ...
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MBA application tips

Pre-Application Advising | 3 MIN READ

Six ways to make your MBA application stand out

Applying for your MBA is more than test scores and transcripts. Admissions offices, especially at top business schools, want to see more than the ...
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full time MBA Bay Area

Leadership | 4 MIN READ

Why you should, or shouldn’t, apply for an MBA in the Bay Area this year

If you ask any graduate about their decision to pursue a full- or part-time MBA, and what their life was like after earning their degree, they’ll ...
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debunking MBA myths

Funding MBA | 4 MIN READ

Debunking 5 myths about getting into a top MBA program

MBAs are one of the most popular advanced degrees in the United States. In 2012-2013 — the most recently measured year — more than 188,000 students ...
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