Gain clarity on your MBA decision with a curated selection of ideas and insights from faculty and staff, alumni, and student leaders at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

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Uncategorized | 4 MIN READ

Six fears students face when applying for an MBA (and how to overcome them)

Spiders. Public speaking. Heights. You probably recognize these common fears, but would you be surprised to learn that applying for an MBA also ...
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Applying | 4 MIN READ

How to decide which MBA schedule is right for you

Business schools offer the option to study full-time or part-time so that there is a format to fit everybody—no matter where you are in your life or ...
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Justifying the cost of an MBA

MBA Benefits | 5 MIN READ

7 ways to justify the cost of an MBA to yourself, your partner, and your boss

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to pursue an MBA. But before you can proceed, you may need to think about the price tag and ensure you’re ...
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Applying | 3 MIN READ

Why right now is the time to apply for a Berkeley MBA

At the start of 2020, innovating was something companies did to stay competitive. Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s something that ...
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Compare the Berkeley MBA Program Options

Same world-renowned faculty. Same global alumni network. Same top-ranked MBA.
Different schedules.

Compare Berkeley MBA Programs

MBA Benefits | 4 MIN READ

How an MBA helps you get the position and salary you deserve

Have you ever been passed up for a promotion? Did you receive the pay bump you expected during your last review cycle?
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MBA Benefits | 5 MIN READ

Calculating the ROI of an MBA

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate degree can revitalize career paths and change lives—but it can come at a high financial ...
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Group of Berkeley Haas students talking inside a lecture hall.

MBA Benefits | 5 MIN READ

Your MBA, your way: Comparing part-time MBA options

The decision to pursue an MBA isn’t one big decision. Rather, it is a series of smaller decisions: Where? When? Which format? Why?
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Still of Chloe Kauffman, MBA 23, in Berkeley Haas Video.

MBA Benefits | 3 MIN READ

Insights into why Haas might be the business school for you

There are just shy of 500 accredited business schools in the U.S. But there is only one Berkeley Haas School of Business. As entrepreneurJarett ...
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Uncategorized | 2 MIN READ

The immediate impact of an MBA boils down to expertise

One of the advantages of being in a part-time MBA program is the opportunity to learn from the expertise of your classmates. If you flip that on its ...
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Kristine Kushner

Uncategorized | 3 MIN READ

Students discuss why a part-time MBA program suited them (and might suit you too)

“I've got a couple of hungry kids and a dog and a cat, and they all want to keep eating, and they want to stay inside. That’s the reason I kept ...
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Joselyn Baety, MBA 24, talks about her experience in the MBA program in the video "Student stories: A degree with an immediate ROI."

MBA Benefits | 3 MIN READ

Three ways to measure the immediate ROI of an MBA

Sometimes you have to wait a long time to see the results of an effort: The people involved with NASA’s Project Apollo worked for eight years to send ...
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 Behind the scenes of Ghita Soulimani, MBA 23, filming "Why MBA".

MBA Benefits | 3 MIN READ

Berkeley Haas students answer the question: why get an MBA?

Joselyn Baety, MBA 24, spent years considering an MBA program, determining what her return on investment would be. Cost was a big factor, but not in ...
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Élida Bautista speaking at the 2022 Berkeley Haas Diversity Symposium.

Social Impact | 3 MIN READ

Use your inner strengths and community to tame impostor syndrome

“It can be uncomfortable when you are the first, or one of only a few people, to take your place in a space not built for you, or worse, in a space ...
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Finance | 3 MIN READ

4 ways to approach b-school thoughtfully

Mikhael Abebe graduated from the Berkeley Haas full-time MBA program in 2018. His original post is published on the Management Leadership for ...
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Applying | 4 MIN READ

Eight things to look for when searching for an MBA program

Everyone has a different motivation for getting an MBA. Perhaps you want to take on a more challenging role or increase your current salary. Maybe ...
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Shared office space behind a glass-walled conference room displaying Flowcast's logo

Alumni | 8 MIN READ

Five key lessons in building a startup

Ken So is the founder and CEO of Flowcast (Tillful), an SF-based fintech startup that provides an AI-based credit solution to help small businesses ...
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