Explore the challenging, inventive, and supportive MBA experience through the lives of the students, faculty, and alumni who live our distinctive culture out loud.

Faculty | 3 MIN READ

Prof. Lucas Davis shares hardest economic concept for MBA students to grasp

Enthusiasm, listening and drawing students into participating in class are keys to becoming a successful teacher, says Professor Lucas Davis, winner ...
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Executive MBA | 2 MIN READ

EMBA student finds leadership inspiration among Haas women

Megan Zweig, EMBA 19, enrolled at Haas because she wanted to see more women leaders in the business world.
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

Former Coast Guard skipper and sales exec explores the academic side of business

The Crab Fisherman’s Ball in the tiny town of Trinidad on California’s north coast was a critical turning point for Joe Odell, EMBA 20, who’s faced ...
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Evening & Weekend | 3 MIN READ

A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion and allyship drives this Berkeley MBA

What Nuhamin Woldemariam, MBA 22, remembers best about landing in Chicago from Addis Ababa at age six, and speaking no English, is that the Windy ...
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Full-time | 3 MIN READ

Robert Reyes’s road from rapper to accountant to paratrooper to full-time MBA candidate

Army paratrooper Robert Reyes took his last jump with the 82nd Airborne in 2018. Five months later, the former accountant turned lieutenant landed on ...
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David Miller

Full-time | 2 MIN READ

For this MBA, Beyond Yourself isn't just a slogan, but a way of thinking

It's easy to say you want to use your career to positively impact others' lives. But actually putting in the effort to make that happen can be ...
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Photo of Elisse Douglass

Full-time | 3 MIN READ

From fixing shattered windows to funding a Black business revival

Politically engaged and eminently practical, Elisse Douglass, MBA 16, leapt in to help clean up downtown Oakland during the Black Lives Matter ...
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Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

Pivoting to the business and technology of healthcare to promote the collective good

Emergency nurse, informatics coordinator, business analyst, and product manager. Patrick Eronini, RN, MBA 22, knows the US healthcare sector from ...
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Full-time | 3 MIN READ

Dan Kihanya, MBA 96: Do you see me in this American crisis?

As an entrepreneur, I’m already in solution mode. But that is for another blog post. This one is about processing and being authentic. Now is the time.
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Full-time | 4 MIN READ

Bree Jenkins, MBA 19: Being Black at Berkeley Haas

You have to keep reminding people that you do not carry the perspective of everyone who happens to have your same skin color. You are an individual; sometimes you want to be treated that way.
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Executive MBA | 2 MIN READ

Binundu Isaiah Samuel, EMBA 20: It is not OK!

Our cohort will give rise to great leaders who will have the opportunity and power to drive change and influence the world! We must heed the lessons of our past and present to ensure our future will be better.
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Community | 4 MIN READ

Marco T. Lindsey: Thoughts from your Black colleague

I'm writing this now, but to be honest, I really don't want to be bothered. I don't want to write, I don't want to talk, I don't want to work, I don't want to socialize.
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Kellie McElhaney teaches in classroom

Diversity and Inclusion | 4 MIN READ

Kellie McElhaney talks equity fluency, courage, and vulnerability

Starting from the position that “if you aren’t intentionally inclusive, you are unintentionally exclusive,” Kellie McElhaney helped develop the concept of equity fluent leadership™.
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Photo of Molly Zucker

Technology | 3 MIN READ

From retail wine to Big Tech: Executive MBA spurs alumna’s career pivot

Berkeley MBA for Executives graduate Molly Zucker Carson, EMBA 19, attended Haas to grow her business and leadership skills. She planned to apply her ...
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Evening & Weekend | 4 MIN READ

MBA admissions process continues remotely during COVID-19 measures

Updated April 15, 2020 - With current health and safety recommendations designed to slow the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and to protect ...
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