Explore the challenging, inventive, and supportive MBA experience through the lives of the students, faculty, and alumni who live our distinctive culture out loud.

Faculty | 3 MIN READ

Prof. Lucas Davis shares hardest economic concept for MBA students to grasp

Enthusiasm, listening and drawing students into participating in class are keys to becoming a successful teacher, says Professor Lucas Davis, winner ...
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Women in Leadership | 2 MIN READ

EMBA student finds leadership inspiration among Haas women

Megan Zweig, EMBA 19, enrolled at Haas because she wanted to see more women leaders in the business world.
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

Former Coast Guard skipper and sales exec explores the academic side of business

The Crab Fisherman’s Ball in the tiny town of Trinidad on California’s north coast was a critical turning point for Joe Odell, EMBA 20, who’s faced ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion and allyship drives this Berkeley MBA

What Nuhamin Woldemariam, MBA 22, remembers best about landing in Chicago from Addis Ababa at age six, and speaking no English, is that the Windy ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

Design thinking provides a plan and a career path

“I’m always asking, ‘what’s the plan?’ So, I needed a specific reason before applying to grad school,” said Diarra White, MBA 24. “When I was at ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

Using an MBA to explore how other places work

Kelsie Smithson, MBA 24, intentionally chose an MBA program far from her beloved hometown of Louisville, Kentucky because she wanted to get out of ...
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Finance | 3 MIN READ

An MBA is the springboard for a leap from advisor to investor

If you want to teach yourself about investing in publicly traded companies, reading Berkshire Hathaway’s annual reports to learn from Warren Buffett ...
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Alumni | 4 MIN READ

A career in financial engineering delivers positive impact

Ten years into his career Luis Toro, MFE 14, still relies on lessons learned in his Berkeley Haas Master in Financial Engineering studies, and he ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 4 MIN READ

You can't know until you try: the MBA conundrum

During the four years that Katherine Zepeda Arreola, MBA 24, pondered whether to get a graduate degree—and what kind—she remembers a mentor telling ...
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A flexible path to community and connections

When Jeric Huang, MBA 25, was considering an MBA program, even his most valued mentors told him he didn’t need to do that. They assured him that, ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

A chameleon chooses blue-and-gold as his colors

It’s not unusual for MBA students to describe their studies as an “investment in themselves.” But that expression has specific meaning for Ramiro ...
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In person? Online? Which part-time MBA schedule is right for you?

Don’t let distance limit your choice of a top-ranked MBA program. Berkeley Haas Evening & Weekend MBA students in the weekend cohort commute to ...
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Finance | 2 MIN READ

An MFE candidate finds rewards, challenges, and community

Akshita Gulati, MFE 24, approaches her Master of Financial Engineering studies with the attitude, “If it’s not challenging, it’s not rewarding.” Just ...
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Entrepreneurship | 3 MIN READ

Entrepreneurial drive fuels a career pivot

Before starting his Berkeley MBA for Executives studies, Reggie Draper, EMBA 23, learned the hard lesson that entrepreneurs can’t go it alone.
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Rachel poses with classmates and friends atop the Berkeley Haas sign

Marketing | 3 MIN READ

Ignoring limitations, taking risks, and practicing compassion

Three years old is too young to understand why mommy is gone two nights a week, but Rachel Lui Pang, MBA 24, wants her daughter to one day “be proud ...
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Video still image of Shilpa Worlikar smiling in Berkeley Haas video.

Haas culture | 3 MIN READ

How the Berkeley Haas leadership principles define the MBA experience

You don’t have to talk long with a Berkeley Haas MBA student to realize what they discovered—sometimes to their surprise: The fourDefining Leadership ...
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