Rahul Sampat

Rahul Sampat

Rahul was Director of Admissions for the Berkeley MBA Programs for Working Professionals from 2015-2019. He hopes these blog posts provide you with useful insights into the Berkeley MBA experience and questions you may have about the MBA in general.

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Justin Li candid

Entrepreneurship | 3 MIN READ

Shifting from finance to a healthcare startup was an offer he couldn't refuse

When the call offering the perfect career opportunity comes, you take it. Then maybe you go get an MBA to ensure your success.
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Edgar Vigil

Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

Student Always, this Marine also had a lesson or two to teach

When Staff Sergeant Edgar Vigil, MBA 18, left the Marine Corps, he started intensive training right away—but this time it was on how to transform ...
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Tess Peppers

Diversity and Inclusion | 2 MIN READ

Haas MBA questions the status quo as a matter of course

Tess Peppers, MBA 19, attended every single admissions event she could when she was applying to Berkeley Haas, including one at which then-Dean Lyons ...
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full time MBA Bay Area

Applying | 4 MIN READ

Why you should, or shouldn’t, apply for an MBA in the Bay Area this year

If you ask any graduate about their decision to pursue a full- or part-time MBA, and what their life was like after earning their degree, they’ll ...
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Entrepreneurship | 5 MIN READ

SoftBank’s Vision Fund has $100 billion to invest in tech companies

If the current state of startups proves anything, it’s that the possibilities are endless for entrepreneurs, no matter where you are in your career. ...
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Technology | 3 MIN READ

How a “deep geek” rose to leadership during the tech revolution

From an internship at NASA to running engineering at Reddit to developing business intelligence (BI) software first at Microsoft and now as chief ...
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aaron-blanco-tejedor-VBe9zj-JHBs-unsplash (1)

Uncategorized | 4 MIN READ

Six fears students face when applying for an MBA (and how to overcome them)

Spiders. Public speaking. Heights. You probably recognize these common fears, but would you be surprised to learn that applying for an MBA also ...
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Applying | 3 MIN READ

How to apply to Berkeley's MBA program in five easy steps

If you’ve already made the decision to get an MBA – congratulations. Often, making the decision to go for it is the hardest part. Getting your MBA is ...
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Information Age

Uncategorized | 3 MIN READ

The evolution of the MBA: professional advancement in the Information Age

When we discuss the MBA, the first things that come to mind are its practical applications and benefits in today’s modern, technology-filled global ...
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neonbrand-Pvx24X1uiq4-unsplash (1)

Alumni | 3 MIN READ

Snaps & claps: the story of Berkeley alums and Shazam’s $400M Apple acquisition

In 2017, Apple announced it would be purchasing the music application Shazam, and in 2018, the roughly $400 million acquisition was finalized. Though ...
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Global leadership

Uncategorized | 3 MIN READ

How an MBA will give you a jump on global leadership

Fueled by fast-changing technology, products, information, and jobs have spread across borders and cultures to make our world feel smaller than ever.
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Nancy Hoque, MBA 19

Women in Leadership | 2 MIN READ

Using MBA skills to incubate new MENA leadership

Nancy Hoque, MBA 19, arrived at Berkeley Haas in search of a fresh start in her career. She'd worked as an engineer at Nokia and Motorola for more ...
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