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Morgan is the Executive Director of Full-time MBA Admissions at Haas as well as a graduate of the program. She enjoys making personal connections with prospective students and guiding them through the MBA admission process.

Recent Posts

Making Business School Work for MBA Partners and Families Too

By Morgan Bernstein   |   2/11/2016
Students from the three MBA programs at Berkeley-Haas often remark on the strong sense of community—not only among students, but also among MBA partners, spouses, and families.  

Berkeley MBA Students Touch (and Introduce) the Future at CES

By Morgan Bernstein   |   2/01/2016
  What happens in Vegas...reveals the future. At least in early January when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in town. Berkeley MBA students, naturally drawn to this celebration of questioning the status ...

What to Consider When Putting Together Your MBA Application

By Morgan Bernstein   |   1/29/2016
If you read our first MBA application tips post, featuring my conversation with fellow admissions directors from each Berkeley-Haas MBA program, you probably noticed some common threads, as well as ...

Classified: Berkeley MBAs Tackle The "Wicked Problem" Of The California Drought

By Morgan Bernstein   |   1/05/2016
Outside it was a cold, hazy morning, but inside the Haas Innovation lab the room was warm and full of laughter. A group of full-time MBA students held center stage as they mimed taking a shower. Before that, ...

Global Leadership Opportunities at Berkeley-Haas Grow Even Bigger

By Morgan Bernstein   |   12/22/2015
Berkeley MBA students have access to online courses and week-long courses at business schools worldwide thanks to Berkeley-Haas' membership in the Global Network for Advanced Management, a network of top ...

Berkeley-Haas Exec-in-Residence Featured in Poets & Quants

By Morgan Bernstein   |   12/14/2015
A Poets & Quants story on how business schools tap into real-world expertise through executive fellowships featured Berkeley-Haas Executive-in-Residence David Riemer, former VP of marketing at Yahoo and a ...

Berkeley MBA Study Teams Yield Insights on Diversity, Leadership, Self

By Morgan Bernstein   |   11/30/2015
At Berkeley-Haas, our students contribute diverse perspectives, valuable experiences, and a contagious ambition to learn and grow. If you read our previous post on how our full-time MBA students contribute to ...

Teams at Berkeley-Haas: MBA Students Learn With—And From—Each Other

By Morgan Bernstein   |   11/22/2015
What would you do if you had to solve the California drought in just 6 weeks? Unless you happen to be a drought expert, you'd probably recruit some help, collaborating with experts from different industries. ...

What we're thankful for at Berkeley-Haas: 7 Things

By Morgan Bernstein   |   11/19/2015
The holidays are a perfect time of year to reflect on what we’ve been given, and what we can give back. With a devoted staff, inspiring faculty, and diverse and talented students, we at Berkeley-Haas have a ...