Jenn Bridge

Jenn Bridge

Jenn Bridge is Senior Director External Engagement. She oversees the employer relations, industry readiness, and business development teams including the marketing and communications strategies for the MBA Career Management group. She has corporate experience in consulting and retail (Gap Inc. and Strategy&) prior to Haas. She's a passionate leader who is thinking about the student experience all the time.

Posts by Jenn

Photo of Salesforce hiring manager Layne Austin

Marketing | 3 MIN READ

The MBA from the eyes of a hiring manager at Salesforce

How companies recruit MBAs in 2020 has changed; what they are looking for in MBA candidates for internships and full-time positions has not. 
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Product Management | 3 MIN READ

3 Berkeley Haas alumni on how an MBA helped them break into product management

If you want to have a hand in creating products that impact people’s lives, you might be eyeing a career in product management. The product manager ...
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photo of Nils Hellmer

Finance | 3 MIN READ

The MBA from the eyes of a hiring manager at Goldman Sachs

If you dream of working in investment banking, you would do well to devote some of your waking hours to applying to a highly ranked business school, ...
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