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Lindo, Maravilhoso! Executive MBA Brazil Immersion Week

In mid August, 68 executive MBA students travelled to Brazil for an immersion week focused on entrepreneurship, multi-national corporations, and sports marketing—especially timely in a country focused on preparing to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Berkeley EMBA Experiential Learning: Q&A with Asst. Dean Mike Rielly

Mike Rielly, assistant dean for the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program is recently back from Brazil, the International Field Immersion for the class of 2015. We caught up with him to talk about immersions just as he and his team prepare for one in Washington, D.C. for that same class and the Silicon Valley Field Immersion for the 2016s.

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You're ready for an MBA if...(Free Ebook)

You might be ready for an MBA can clearly demonstrate what you bring to an MBA classroom and business school campus. Most top-tier MBA programs are looking for candidates who can add significantly to classroom discussion through frst-hand experiences gained in the working world. 

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Part-time MBA Grad Becomes Business Manager to the (Michelin) Stars

Restaurant kitchens are all about transformations: whipping egg whites and sugar into meringues, emulsifying egg yolks and oil into mayonnaise, stirring butter, flour and milk into a béchamel sauce.

Part-time MBA programs are about transformation too. Aarti Shetty took her career from Biomedical Engineering to a Michelin three-star restaurant, where she is director of operations & finance.

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Meet the Berkeley MBA for Executives Class of 2016

What do pilots, doctors, and senior execs from Amazon, Deloitte, and Shell have in common? They are among the accomplished professionals in the Berkeley MBA for Executives class of 2016.

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Financing Your Part-Time MBA: Your Questions Answered

An MBA is an investment you make in yourself. It delivers a foundation of knowledge, a set of skills, and a network that can play a strong role in your success (even while you're still in the program!), but, like any major investment, it takes careful consideration and planning.

We frequently talk with prospective students about their options for financing part-time MBA studies. Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions we receive about financing an MBA—and our answers:

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Do I need an MBA to be a Product Manager, Part II

Meet Sung Hu Kim, a 2006 graduate of the Berkeley-Haas Full-time MBA Program who worked at Twitter in product management. Prior to that, he was at Google as a lead on the Android team for consumer and developer marketing. He talks with us about his career in product management:

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Convincing Employers to Help Finance Your EMBA—Advice from Students

Be prepared, be connected, be flexible, and be tenacious—these are some key points of advice from executive MBA students who have secured financial assistance for their program from employers.

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What exactly do people do with an MBA? Stories from Berkeley-Haas

There are as many answers to that question as there are students—maybe even more if you consider the changes possible over the course of a career.

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43% Women: Gender Balance in the Berkeley Full-time MBA Program

One of the most notable shifts in the landscape of MBA programs is more women in the classroom. At Berkeley-Haas, women now make up nearly 43 percent of our full-time MBA program.

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