Full-time MBA Facebook Contest - Trivia Question #3

Posted by Morgan Bernstein on 07/18/2014

This week our Full-time MBA Facebook Contest trivia focused on students and culture.  We covered topics such as how to find housing in Berkeley, coming to the Bay Area with a partner, taking leadership roles in student organizations and of course examples of our Defining Principles in action.  Check out a video FAQ that includes responses from current students as well as profiles of current students and how Haas is helping them accelerate their career.

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Full-time MBA Facebook Contest - Trivia Question #2

Posted by Morgan Bernstein on 07/11/2014

This week our Full-time MBA Facebook Contest trivia focused on location.  Our Bay Area location puts you at the heart of the global technology industry, the birthplace of venture capital, a growing hub for cleantech and biotech, and the center of the U.S. wine market. This is b-school as the backstage pass! Our proximity to leading firms means that business executives become a part of your MBA experience - as guest speakers in a class, recruiters for jobs, panelists at a conference or judges in a competition.

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Full-time MBA Facebook Contest - Trivia Question #1

Posted by Morgan Bernstein on 07/4/2014

This week we launched our first Full-time MBA Facebook Contest of the season, centered around learning more about Haas academics, culture, location and career opportunities.  The focus this week was on academics at Haas, and every day we posted a couple useful facts and resources to help you learn more about the academic strengths of our program -- faculty, experiential learning, areas of emphasis and more.

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Our Top 5 Suggestions for Getting to Know the Full-time Berkeley MBA

Posted by Morgan Bernstein on 07/1/2014

Right about now, your head is probably full of MBA buzzwords, like value proposition. Like innovative leadership. Like “FOMO.” What the heck is FOMO? Keep reading to find out!

As you embark on this exploration of MBA programs, a lot of things will become clear: Which school feels like the best fit. How to get really, really good at writing essays. And just what these MBA buzzwords mean exactly.

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Comparing Business Schools? Meet Berkeley-Haas

Posted by Morgan Bernstein on 06/24/2014

Perhaps your business school journey began with a nagging sense that there must be something more to the 9-to-5. Something more stimulating, more rewarding. Something with more passion and ownership.

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Learn, Play and Win with Full-time MBA Admissions on Facebook!

Posted by Morgan Bernstein on 06/24/2014

Yup, we're on Facebook!

Did you know that the Full-time MBA Admissions Office is on Facebook?! Check us out -- maybe even "like" us -- and stay in-the-know on admissions events, updates and insights for the fall 2015 application season.

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Why MBA? 8 Reasons that Go Beyond the Obvious

Posted by Morgan Bernstein on 06/18/2014

Like many people who consider going to b-school, you may want an MBA to advance your career. To change roles or work in an entirely new field. To build leadership skills and gain expertise in new areas. To land your dream job or launch your own venture.

All excellent reasons to get an MBA.

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Berkeley Solver Series

Posted by Jesse Tao on 05/15/2014

At Haas, we often discuss taking advantage of the Berkeley community and collaborating with other graduate programs. This spring, Haas Technology Club (HTC) and the Foundry @ CITRIS, a Berkeley start-up incubator, decided to work together and kick-off the Berkeley Solver Series. The idea was to create a monthly event consisting of Haas MBAs and Foundry team members to increase collaboration between the two groups. A Foundry team would present a current challenge facing their start-up, and we would divide into teams comprised of members of both programs to brainstorm potential solutions. At the end of the event, the teams would present their solutions to the whole group.

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A Walmart-to-Google Career Change

Posted by Julia Sprague on 05/7/2014

Trading Furbies for Fruit Ninjas, Amy Thompson moved from a role as senior toy buyer with Walmart to manager at Google—during her first year in the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program. She now manages retail partnerships for Google Play, an Android platform for apps and digital media.

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Financing Your Executive MBA

Posted by Susan Petty on 04/24/2014

Sticker shock is not uncommon when people start researching executive MBA programs. But on his first day of class, Greg Durkin, EMBA 14, saw concerns over cost evaporate when his classmates “were no longer abstract, but were interesting and diverse individuals I would gain a lot from being around. From there, other things I hadn’t considered got added into the equation, including negotiation skills, which have a clear financial return, and less tangible things like leadership effectiveness.”

Below, students talk about how they are financing their EMBA studies, and share advice on financing your executive MBA.

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