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Berkeley MBA Study Teams Yield Insights on Diversity, Leadership, Self

At Berkeley-Haas, our students contribute diverse perspectives, valuable experiences, and a contagious ambition to learn and grow. If you read our previous post on how our full-time MBA students contribute to their study teams, you probably got a sense of the varied, yet valuable, contributions that each student makes to the team.

Our unique culture is shaped by the different skill sets and insights that students bring to one another—and to our program at large—but we also believe there's a symbiotic relationship at work: when students bring positivity to their peers, they receive enthusiasm; when they share a new idea or challenge a convention, they're met with open-minded interest; when they step up to lead, they find support.

Whether they've gained a sense of confidence, patience to work through a problem, or an appreciation for all voices, at Berkeley-Haas, when our students give, they also receive. Read on to see what study team members have gotten from collaborating with their peers.

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Commuting for an Executive MBA: Berkeley EMBAs Share Perspective

Karin Lion, associate program officer with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, commutes to the Berkeley executive MBA program from Seattle

Nearly a third of the students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program commute for their studies. For them, the chance to study not just in a Bay Area EMBA Program, but in a full campus environment (at the Haas School of Business and at UC Berkeley) were worth the trade-offs.

Here's what some of them had to say about why they chose to commute for an executive MBA program and how the Berkeley-Haas program helps them make it work.

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Evening & Weekend MBA Students Reap the Benefits of Commuting

For busy part-time students who want to continue their careers, a long commute can at first sound lethal to obtaining an MBA.  But as many students of the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program know, commuting doesn’t have to add stress, and in fact, can even be beneficial.

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Teams at Berkeley-Haas: MBA Students Learn With—And From—Each Other

What would you do if you had to solve the California drought in just 6 weeks? Unless you happen to be a drought expert, you'd probably recruit some help, collaborating with experts from different industries. And from their diverse perspectives, perhaps you'd manage to formulate a plan. But as with many circumstances in life, you wouldn't, and couldn't, do it alone.

At Berkeley-Haas, we have a longstanding tradition of uniting great, ambitious minds from every industry. We're proud to be a diverse MBA program, one that goes beyond demographics and statistics to value a wide range of life and work experiences.

In the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program, our study teams exemplify the potential of what can happen when students with varying backgrounds and experiences collaborate to come up with creative, strategic solutions to current crises—like the California drought.

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Part-time MBA Grad "Hones" Entrepreneurship

Succeeding in a part-time MBA program requires three things: a willingness to change your life, the ability to juggle competing demands, and the ability to focus on your priorities. Those same qualities, says Nick Livingston, are traits needed succeed as an entrepreneur. That’s just what he is doing as one of the founders of

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What we're thankful for at Berkeley-Haas: 7 Things

The holidays are a perfect time of year to reflect on what weve been given, and what we can give back. With a devoted staff, inspiring faculty, and diverse and talented students, we at Berkeley-Haas have a lot to be thankful for this year. In keeping with a season that incites an attitude of gratitude, we've gathered together a list of things we're grateful for. Though we could have made a much longer list, were especially thankful for…

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Three MBA Scholarship Stories

Nearly half of this year's class entering full-time MBA students received scholarships totalling a record $6.7 million.

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Do I Need an MBA to Be a Product Manager, Part III

Meet Promeet Mansata, 2015 graduate of the Berkeley-Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program. Upon graduating, he made a career change from database/application systems management to product manager with @Walmart Labs

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A Berkeley MBA Trek to the Amazon (Fulfillment Center)

Photos: Jim Block

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Video: Honoring Our Student Veterans

Photo: Jeremy Hendricks, MBA 16, U.S. Army Special Forces

Jeremy Hendricks, MBA 16, U.S. Army Special Forces

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