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Making Business School Work for MBA Partners and Families Too, Part II

At Berkeley-Haas, our MBA community is made up not only of students, alumni, and faculty, but of partners, spouses and families as well.

We sat down with six MBA partners and their Berkeley-Haas students to find out what it's really like to balance family and personal relationships with an MBA program. 

We met our first three couples in Part I of this series. Now, let us introduce you to three more Berkeley MBA couples:

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Making Business School Work for MBA Partners and Families Too

Students from the three MBA programs at Berkeley-Haas often remark on the strong sense of community—not only among students, but also among MBA partners, spouses, and families.  

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Working an EMBA into Your Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance can be challenging. And yes, keeping your job, home life, and studies in sync when you’re enrolled in an executive MBA program is even more so. But: Students tell us that strengthening their time management skills and honing a razor-sharp ability to prioritize are among the abilities they gain in the process.

And, this juggling act is one you don’t have to manage alone. Here are some ways the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program helps you make EMBA studies work for you.

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Beyond "Balancing": Ways to Integrate Work, Life, and the Berkeley MBA

A chess game. A juggling act. A balancing act. There are lots of ways to describe the fine art of keeping your job, home life, and studies all in sync when you’re enrolled in a part-time MBA program—and lots of strategies for doing so.

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Berkeley MBA Students Touch (and Introduce) the Future at CES

What happens in Vegas...reveals the future. At least in early January when the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in town. Berkeley MBA students, naturally drawn to this celebration of questioning the status quo,  made their way to see and, in some cases introduce, what’s new.
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What to Consider When Putting Together Your MBA Application

If you read our first MBA application tips post, featuring my conversation with fellow admissions directors from each Berkeley-Haas MBA program, you probably noticed some common threads, as well as distinguishing differences. Because there were a few more questions to address, we got back together to continue our conversation.

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Accessible Entrepreneurship: Berkeley EMBA Silicon Valley Immersion

When students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives class of 2016 explored entrepreneurship in depth through the program's Silicon Valley Immersion Week, Poets & Quants joined them, writing two stories about the experience for the business school news website.

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GMAT. GRE. Grrr! How to Take the Pain out of MBA Test Prep

It’s universal. Studying for and taking the entrance exams required for admission to many MBA programs is a low point for many in the MBA application process. 

And yet, there’s no getting around it: You'll need to take the GMAT or GRE in order to apply to a top MBA program.

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This Time It's Personal: Berkeley Executive MBA Student Looks Back

At the start of a new year, it’s natural to contemplate what new growth opportunities lie ahead in the coming year. For some, that might include getting an MBA. As someone who asks himself annually, “Did I learn enough over the last 12 months to make me a wiser human than I was 12 months ago?” Berkeley EMBA student Richard Wilson found himself in just this situation at the start of 2014.

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Application Tips and Insights from Berkeley MBA Admissions Directors

What do admissions directors from top MBA programs want applicants to know? I thought it would be interesting to explore this question across all three Berkeley MBA programs, so I brought my perspective on our Evening & Weekend MBA Program and sat down to talk with colleagues Morgan Bernstein, associate director of admissions for the Full-time MBA Program, and Susan Petty, senior associate director of admissions for the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program.

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