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Kenny Vaughn takes a picture with audience during the Haas Diversity Symposium.

Finance | 3 MIN READ

Born a billionaire: reimagining wealth in the pursuit of happiness

Kenny Vaughn, MBA 16, danced on stage at the 2022 DEI Symposium to the beat of his classmate Ace Patterson’s (also known as Call Me Ace) song, “No ...
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Guadalupe Manriquez poses with her family in front of the main Haas campus gate adorned in her Berkeley MBA cap and gown to celebrate her MBA graduation

Finance | 4 MIN READ

A "non-traditional" MBA student tells her story

Guadalupe D. Manriquez, MBA 21, describes h­erself as a “non-traditional” MBA student—female, a member of an underrepresented community, and a ...
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Finance | 3 MIN READ

4 ways to approach b-school thoughtfully

Mikhael Abebe graduated from the Berkeley Haas full-time MBA program in 2018. His original post is published on the Management Leadership for ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 2 MIN READ

Reflections from the first Berkeley Haas hosted MLT seminar

Berkeley Haas hosted our first-ever Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) seminar just two short weeks ago.  I’ve spent the last few days ...
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Technology | 2 MIN READ

Searching for impact in big tech, finding it at Google

His three years as senior manager of strategic operations at KIPP DC, part of the nation’s largest network of public charter schools, gave Joseph ...
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Alumni | 3 MIN READ

Reflection, risk, and reward in social impact

“We see trees from above ground and don’t often think about what goes on underneath. The same is true for supply chains. Just as a tree relies on ...
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Social Impact | 2 MIN READ

On track to create positive change through impact investing

“Demonstrating that I could pivot to the funding side of investing without having a traditional quant background, while leveraging my operations ...
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Yannell Selman, MBA 21

Entrepreneurship | 3 MIN READ

From nonprofit to tech—this entrepreneur holds her roots in impact and community

Yannell Selman, MBA 21, began her professional career in nonprofit, starting with an assignment with Teach For America in Richmond, CA.
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Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

Robert Reyes’s road from rapper to accountant to paratrooper to full-time MBA candidate

Army paratrooper Robert Reyes took his last jump with the 82nd Airborne in 2018. Five months later, the former accountant turned lieutenant landed on ...
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David Miller

Social Impact | 2 MIN READ

For this MBA, Beyond Yourself isn't just a slogan, but a way of thinking

It's easy to say you want to use your career to positively impact others' lives. But actually putting in the effort to make that happen can be ...
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Applying | 2 MIN READ

How to strengthen your MBA application: a step-by-step guide

This year we’ve put extra focus on giving you the tools you need to submit your best application. We hope these resources will help demystify the MBA admissions process.
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Photo of Elisse Douglass

Diversity and Inclusion | 3 MIN READ

From fixing shattered windows to funding a Black business revival

Politically engaged and eminently practical, Elisse Douglass, MBA 16, leapt in to help clean up downtown Oakland during the Black Lives Matter ...
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