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Full-time | 4 MIN READ

What Haas alumni taught us about entering the job market in a recession

Berkeley Haas recently hosted a panel talk called, “Weathering the Storm: Stories of Career Success in Challenging Times” where Haas alumni who ...
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Full-time | 3 MIN READ

Dan Kihanya, MBA 96: Do you see me in this American crisis?

As an entrepreneur, I’m already in solution mode. But that is for another blog post. This one is about processing and being authentic. Now is the time.
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Full-time | 4 MIN READ

Bree Jenkins, MBA 19: Being Black at Berkeley Haas

You have to keep reminding people that you do not carry the perspective of everyone who happens to have your same skin color. You are an individual; sometimes you want to be treated that way.
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Full-time | 2 MIN READ

Berkeley Haas alums help feed the community in the midst of a crisis

Kirsten Tobey spent a decade in education before pursuing her MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She knew when her students did not have ...
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Evening & Weekend | 4 MIN READ

MBA admissions process continues remotely during COVID-19 measures

Updated April 15, 2020 - With current health and safety recommendations designed to slow the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and to protect ...
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Marketing | 4 MIN READ

How Uber's Senior Marketing Insights Manager bridged passions for people and storytelling—and made it a career

With an educational background in anthropology and film, Joanna Shujman, MBA 17, had a passion for people and storytelling. After working in human ...
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Full-time | 2 MIN READ

How Elisabeth Diana went from Haas alumna to Instagram’s Head of Global Communications

Elisabeth Diana, MBA 08, is blunt when asked about her journey from business school to becoming head of Instagram Communications.
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Jeff Oldenburg, MBA 18

Entrepreneurship | 4 MIN READ

Berkeley entrepreneur turns to search funds for a place to call home

Jeff Oldenburg, MBA 18, is a “searcher.” As co-founder of The Tusker Fund, he’s in the process of finding a business to buy with the help of ...
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Kyle Bertin, MBA 18

Energy | 3 MIN READ

Taking a big risk to do great things along a 100-year time horizon

How did a guy who launched his career trading derivatives during the great recession, then dove into hydraulic fracking, end up on the cutting edge ...
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Amy Fan, MBA/MPH 19

Healthcare | 2 MIN READ

Improving healthcare equity and access for women

What happens when an entrepreneurial spirit collides with the Berkeley MBA concurrent degree program? For the answer, consider the career of Amy Fan, ...
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Adrian Williams, MBA 18

Finance | 2 MIN READ

For Adrian Williams, MBA 18, his MBA was about sharpening a blade in his tool set

Adrian Williams is fresh from working on a slew of deals at Credit Suisse where he is a dedicated investment banker. But whatever you do, don’t put ...
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Bosun Adebaki, MBA 19

Finance | 2 MIN READ

Bosun Adebaki, MBA 19, plans a career legacy that goes beyond himself

At the end of the day, full-time Berkeley MBA student Bosun Adebaki, MBA 19, would like his career legacy to be one in which he leaves the business ...
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