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How to ace your video interview

By Brittany Voris   |   2/04/2020
Video interviews continue to increase in popularity. 60% of hiring managers and recruiters use them to assess potential new hires according to a recent survey by Software Advice. The Berkeley Haas Evening & ...

5 steps to requesting a Letter of Recommendation

By Brittany Voris   |   1/28/2020
Whether you're considering applying to an MBA program or looking to switch careers, letters of recommendation are often necessary. Asking someone else to write a letter speaking to your character and outlining ...

How to describe your career aspirations in your 2020 MBA application

By Jenny Clare   |   1/21/2020
It’s the beginning of a new year, and many of us have thought about and set goals. Goal-setting is important for moving forward in life, relationships, and career. If you’re thinking of starting an MBA program ...

How to apply to Berkeley's MBA program in five easy steps

By Rahul Sampat   |   9/10/2019
If you’ve already made the decision to get an MBA – congratulations. Often, making the decision to go for it is the hardest part. Getting your MBA is a big commitment of time and resources, and an even bigger ...

Secrets to crafting your best MBA application

By Susan Petty   |   1/24/2018
Not to scare you off, but applying to an MBA program is a big deal. It takes a lot of planning, rigor, and yes, self-reflection. But, if you were easily intimidated by those things, you wouldn’t be reading ...

Be vulnerable: A Berkeley Haas student shares his MBA essay tips

By Eileen Jacob   |   1/17/2018
Deciding that the MBA application essay was truly a chance to reveal himself as a whole person—beyond his resume and test scores—Brad Shervheim dug deep and made himself vulnerable; It paid off. Brad shares ...

Executive MBA or part-time MBA? How to choose

By Liz Rosenberg   |   1/10/2018
Executive MBA or part-time MBA? Katherine Mlika, manager of product program management at Fitbit, thought a compressed timeline with classes that met less frequently would be the best way to balance an MBA ...

Berkeley executive and part-time MBA application tips: the GMAT

By Susan Petty   |   12/20/2017
For Berkeley EMBA student (and now podcast co-host) Manoj Thomas, taking the GMAT meant taking a standardized test for the first time in nearly 20 years. "It did stress me out in the beginning," he admits. In ...

Part-time MBA Admissions Tips: Put the GMAT/GRE in Perspective

By Susan Petty   |   1/06/2017
For many applicants to top part-time MBA programs, gearing up to take the GMAT or GRE can be a nerve-wracking part of the admissions process. We get it—it may have been awhile since you had to sit down and ...

Tips for your MBA essays

By Eileen Jacob   |   11/23/2016
They are one of the most important ways in which we get to know you and among the most requested topics for MBA application tips.