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Paying it backward: Bringing EMBA experience to the family business

By Susan Petty   |   7/15/2015
Dr. David Martinez and his son, David Martinez, Jr., share a name and a workplace – their family-owned business, CLICKVIEW Corporation, has provided innovative reporting products for radiologists and ...

Berkeley MBA Alumna One of Elle's Top Women in Tech

By Morgan Bernstein   |   6/25/2015
Danae Ringelmann, MBA 08 Another Berkeley MBA doing what she loves and making a big difference: The desire to democratize capital spurred alumna Danae Ringelmann to co-found Indiegogo, now one of the world's le...

Patrick Awuah and the Global Impact of the Berkeley MBA

By Morgan Bernstein   |   4/17/2015
In the Berkeley MBA Program, student projects can have lasting global impact. This was the case when work in the International Business Development (IBD) course fed into to creation of a transformational ...

Many Happy Returns: Long-Term ROI and the Berkeley MBA, Part III

By Julia Sprague   |   4/02/2015
It’s not just about the money. While many articles have focused on the MBA ROI of salary, Haas graduates will tell you there are many other benefits to a degree from a top part-time MBA program. In this three-p...

Alumnus, Backblaze CEO a Berkeley Innovator

By Morgan Bernstein   |   3/20/2015
Gleb Budman, BS 95, MBA 99, founded his first company during his senior year at Berkeley’s College of Engineering, balancing coursework and student activities with the preparation of business plans and product ...

Many Happy Returns: Long-Term ROI on the Berkeley MBA, Part II

By Susan Petty   |   3/16/2015
The Internet is rife with articles about the financial worth of a graduate degree from the nation’s top business schools. But while annual incomes are fairly easy to scale, it’s much more difficult to quantify ...

Alumni Impact: Berkeley MBAs in the News

By Morgan Bernstein   |   3/03/2015
From Fast Company to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, Berkeley MBA alumni from the full-time, evening and weekend, and executive programs have been making the news recently: Tim Campos, ...

Many Happy Returns: Long-Term ROI on the Berkeley MBA, Part I

By Julia Sprague   |   2/26/2015
Against the backdrop of frequent stories about the financial return-on-investment of b-school, we wondered about other benefits of the degree that contribute to professional success and personal satisfaction. I...

An EMBA Evening on Healthcare Entrepreneurship

By Richard Wilson, EMBA 15   |   2/24/2015
How do you strike out on your own from a steady job, start a company in the notoriously hostile arena of healthcare and thrive? For anyone who’s pondered this question, we found three individuals who’d done ...

EMBA Alum Opens Apple Mobile Wallet for JPMorgan Chase

By Susan Petty   |   9/30/2014
Asked what he finds most rewarding about his career, Avin Arumugam sums it up in one word: scale. He’s talking about the complexity of his work and the scale of his impact—and he’s not kidding.