Dream Jobs: Two Stories from the Full-time MBA Class of 2016


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They came to Berkeley-Haas not just to find a job, but to find themselves, and their explorations led members of the Full-time Berkeley MBA class of 2016 to make technology, consulting, and finance their top three career fields.

McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Deloitte Consulting were the top hiring firms for the 19 percent of the class going into consulting, and Olivia Anglade, now at BCG, was one of them. 
Olivia Anglade  Olivia came to Berkeley-Haas by way of the Army and following work for USAID in construction for the disaster-ravaged island nation of Haiti. Interviewed by Clear Admit, Olivia says she found the work enormously rewarding—and frustrating at the same time. “There are huge swings of optimism and despair,” she says.

With lots of experience in public infrastructure, Olivia came to business school to better understand the private sector. She also knew she wanted a school where classmates form strong bonds, and telling Clear Admit that the Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles resonated as well—particularly Confidence Without Attitude. 

Within a month, I landed on the idea that consulting would be a great path for me.

Partnering with the MBA Career Management Group, Olivia identified that her greatest rewards come through service--and realized that serving clients as a consultant would give her exposure to industries and functions she had never experienced. “Within a month, I landed on the idea that consulting would be a great path for me,” she tells Clear Admit.

In the long term, Olivia is interested in working in social impact or in the nonprofit sector, but she recognizes that the exposure and breadth she will gain in consulting will help her have more impact on a smaller organization down the line. 

Going to work for Google, Apple, Facebook, and more 

Technology continues to be the most popular field for full-time MBA grads, pulling in 39 percent of those who accepted offers, and with Google, Adobe, Facebook, and Amazon among the top employers. 

Armin HoebartArmin Hoebart, an Austrian native who worked in consulting before coming to business school is now at Apple and tells Clear Admit he came to Haas because “I wanted to explore multiple options. I knew I did not want to go back into consulting or to do finance, but that was about it.”

I want to work on a tangible product.

Armin also praises the exploration the Career Management Group encouraged him to do, telling Clear Admit, “They were great about allowing me to explore different routes without pushing me into any one direction.”

By working with advisors and coaches, Armin realized that he was looking to make two switches—country and industry. He wanted to work in the United States upon graduation rather than returning to Europe, and he wanted to shift from manufacturing to something much faster paced.

Now global supply manager with iPhone Manufacturing Design, Armin says the “soul-searching” process he did with the help of Career Management helped make three things clear, he tells Clear Admit. “First, I want to work on a tangible product—something I can touch and see.” Second, he realized he both has a passion for and is good at operations. And third, he realized he wanted to work for a company that is the leader in what it does. “With Apple, I have totally achieved all three.” 

See where the full-time MBA class of 2016 went to work—and what they do there.

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