Eric Askins

Eric Askins

Eric is the Executive Director of Full-time MBA Admissions. He partners with students, faculty and staff to recruit a diverse student body that enhances our community through innovative leadership and academic excellence.

Posts by Eric

Finance | 3 MIN READ

Christine Parlour on the radical importance of Cryptokitties and other fintech developments

Before entering academia, Professor Christine Parlour worked in reinsurance and also in securities settlement, two jobs that focus on the mechanics ...
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Finance | 4 MIN READ

Sean Foote scores in venture capital and private equity and in the classroom

Forget that old saying, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” Sean Foote is one of many Berkeley Haas teachers who excel at doing and ...
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Technology | 4 MIN READ

Jon Metzler connects people and places in ways that foster innovation

Jon Metzler brings insights and experience to his classes in strategy and competitive advantage in technology markets. And a fierce loyalty to UC ...
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Faculty | 3 MIN READ

Cameron Anderson can prove that being a jerk is not a good career strategy

Cameron Anderson, who holds the Lorraine Tyson Mitchell Chair in Leadership & Communication, values Berkeley Haas students for their socially ...
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Diversity and Inclusion | 2 MIN READ

Reflections from the first Berkeley Haas hosted MLT seminar

Berkeley Haas hosted our first-ever Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) seminar just two short weeks ago.  I’ve spent the last few days ...
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Technology | 2 MIN READ

Searching for impact in big tech, finding it at Google

His three years as senior manager of strategic operations at KIPP DC, part of the nation’s largest network of public charter schools, gave Joseph ...
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Applying | 4 MIN READ

Eight things to look for when searching for an MBA program

Everyone has a different motivation for getting an MBA. Perhaps you want to take on a more challenging role or increase your current salary. Maybe ...
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Alumni | 3 MIN READ

Reflection, risk, and reward in social impact

“We see trees from above ground and don’t often think about what goes on underneath. The same is true for supply chains. Just as a tree relies on ...
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