104% in 3 years: Haas FT Ranking Reflects Alumni Salary Boost


campus shot for FT ranking

Haas alumni are among the highest paid MBAs in the world, with strong salary gains that helped Berkeley Haas rank #10 in the world and #7 among U.S. schools in the 2018 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.

More than 50% of the ranking is based on career outcomes for the full-time class of 2014, who reported on current salary, career progression, and MBA satisfaction.

These alums reported a rise in salary of 104% between when they started in the Full-time Berkeley MBA Program and three years after graduation. In addition, the Financial Times reported an increase in current annual salaries three years post-MBA to $176,167, making these Haas alumni the 6th highest paid MBAs in the world.

Haas also ranked 9th worldwide for alumni who say they've achieved their aims and for the effectiveness of career services.

See the Haas news story or the full FT report along with details on the methodology.

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