Do I Need an MBA to be a product manager? Part I

Meet Max Wesman, senior director of product for GoodHire (which offers employment background check services) and a 2010 graduate of the Berkeley-Haas full-time MBA program. Max talked with us about his career in product management:

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Berkeley MBA Alumna One of Elle's Top Women in Tech



Another Berkeley MBA doing what she loves and making a big difference: The desire to democratize capital spurred alumna Danae Ringelmann to co-found Indiegogo, now one of the world's leading crowdfunding platforms. 

More than 200,000 funding campaigns have used Indiegogo since its founding in 2008, and the platform itself has just secured another $40 million in funding, contributing to Danae being named one of Elle's Most Influential Women in Technology.

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Berkeley MBA Commencement Speakers Stand Out

Two student speakers at the 2015 Berkeley MBA commencement, which celebrated graduates of the Full-time MBA Program and the Evening & Weekend MBA Program at Berkeley-Haas, delivered addresses that have caught attention: 

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The Lean Startup Model and the Berkeley MBA

Lamenting the lack of real customer data in traditional startup models, Lecturer Steve Blank teaches an eight-week class at Berkeley-Haas called The Lean Launchpad.

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What will I get out of an MBA? 7 things you may not have thought of

The decision to pursue an MBA frequently starts with the sense that there must be something...more, career-wise. More challenge. More meaning. More impact.

And every year, the knowledge and skills gained in b-school lead people to find exactly these things in their careers. 

But at Berkeley-Haas, home to full-time, evening and weekend, and executive MBA programs, we believe there is even more to b-school. Here are 7 benefits you might not have expected—the icing on the cake:

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Al Gore Addresses, Inspires Berkeley MBA Students

Al Gore came to the Berkeley-Haas campus with a message of optimism that the climate change challenge would be met—tempered by an observation that "Democracy has been hacked" and that a breakdown in effective governance could be an obstacle to achieving that aim.

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7 Things: The Berkeley Full-Time MBA Class of 2015

They arrived from all over the globe; they leave bonded for life as Berkeley MBAs. Along the way they organized top industry conferences, trekked to Cuba and Colombia, gave visibility to new social ventures, worked to advance gender balance, and balanced new babies with MBA studies.

They are the 2015 graduates of the full-time Berkeley MBA Program, and here are 7 things to know about them—and a look at life at Berkeley-Haas.

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Patrick Awuah and the Global Impact of the Berkeley MBA

In the Berkeley MBA Program, student projects can have lasting global impact. This was the case when work in the International Business Development (IBD) course fed into to creation of a transformational university in Africa.

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Strengthening Big Data at Berkeley-Haas

Why Antoine Bruyns, a first-year student in our Full-time MBA Program, left a growing startup to come to Berkeley-Haas, why he thinks Silicon Valley is like Italy during the Renaissance, and how new clubs and courses are giving increased strength to data science (AKA "Big Data") at Berkeley-Haas—all in this post on Haas Achieves.

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Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles: From Launch to Lasting

The Haas School's Dean Lyons rocks

The Berkeley MBA program maintains a vibe that goes beyond traditional b-school camaraderie, in part due to the school's Defining Principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself. 

Articulating Berkeley-Haas culture was a challenge that Dean Rich Lyons tackled alongside faculty and students in 2010, a process he calls both challenging and worthwhile.

"I was at lunch recently with some venture capitalists who don't know the school very well, and I handed a culture card to them. They said, 'This describes the kind of people we like to fund.'" 


On the fifth anniversary of the Principles, the school's chief (but far from only) culture evangelist, reflects  in Haas Now story on both their launch and their lasting value.

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