Evening & Weekend vs. Executive MBA Programs: How to Choose, Part II

There’s more than one path to an MBA, and for many people, a full-time program just isn’t in the cards. Perhaps you’ve already launched your career, or have started a family.

That’s why we offer two part-time MBA programs. The Evening & Weekend program is designed to be a three-year, six-semester program;our executives program meets every three weeks from Thursday through Saturday over the course of 19 months.

Both programs offer the same rich resources and result in the same Berkeley degree. But which program is right for you? In this two-part series (See Part I), we spoke with two couples in which each partner chose a different part-time program.

Tatiana Medvedeva and Sergey Averchenkov live in Mountain View and are engaged to be married. Both are Russian – she’s from St. Petersberg, he’s from Moscow – but they met in the U.S. in 2011. Sergey will receive his degree from the evening and weekend program in 2017, while Tatiana will graduate from the executive program in December 2015.

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Part-Time MBA ROI: Positioned for a Move to Marketing

Change doesn’t have to be in leaps and bounds. Smaller steps toward career advancement can provide the space to prove yourself. To take your pulse. Lauren Kalette, MBA 15, started her Evening & Weekend MBA studies with the dream of moving from graphic design at Shutterfly into a marketing position—and she is moving toward that MBA ROI

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Evening & Weekend vs. Executive MBA Programs: How to Choose, Part I

We know potential b-school candidates are busy – many already have families or have launched demanding careers. That’s why we offer several paths to the degree, including two part-time MBA programs.

The Evening & Weekend program is a three-year, six-semester program, while our Executive MBA program meets about every three weeks from Thursday through Saturday over 19 months. Both offer the same rich resources and result in the same Berkeley MBA degree.

But which program is right for you? In this two-part series (See Part II) , we spoke with two couples in which each partner chose a different part-time program at Berkeley-Haas. 

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Many Happy Returns: Long-Term ROI on the Berkeley MBA, Part I

Against the backdrop of frequent stories about the financial return-on-investment of b-school, we wondered about other benefits of the degree that contribute to professional success and personal satisfaction. In this three-part series, we asked several Berkeley-Haas alums for a different kind of MBA ROI—how their Berkeley-Haas studies and degrees have affected their lives in the longer term.

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Part-time MBA ROI: A Career Change to Management Consulting

When Desirae Early, MBA 15, looked at part-time MBA programs, the extensive career resources in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program were an important factor in her decision to enroll at Berkeley-Haas.

She had no idea how important they would prove to be to her MBA ROI. She went from career switcher to entrepreneur back to making a career change—ultimately landing a position with McKinsey & Company.

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Evening and Weekend MBA Startup Jolts Electric Vehicle Charging

An MBA startup launched by evening and weekend students aims to send shock waves through the energy storage and electrical vehicle charging industries. Last year it developed a product it hopes will redefine those markets, and within its first year counts Google and LinkedIn among its customers and Nissan and Siemens as strategic partners.

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Going the Extracurricular Mile at Berkeley-Haas Means Extra Value

Evening and weekend students here at Berkeley-Haas are either over-achievers or gluttons for punishment. On top of a strenuous academic schedule, demanding full-time jobs, and busy personal lives, many are up to their elbows in extracurricular activities—and loving it.

Take second-year student Ennis Olson for instance. He participated in six business case competitions before being on the winning team for the PG&E Net Impact energy ideation competition. Why did he keep trying? Because “each competition was an opportunity to collaborate with team members who brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to everything we did,” he explains.

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A Top-Ranked Part-Time MBA Program with Global Learning Opportunities

As the top-ranked part-time MBA program, we at Berkeley-Haas work hard to integrate global perspectives into our curriculum and community.

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Beyond "Balancing": Ways to Integrate Work, Life, and the Berkeley MBA

A chess game. A juggling act. A balancing act. There are lots of ways to describe the fine art of keeping your job, home life, and studies all in sync when you’re enrolled in a part-time MBA program—and lots of strategies for doing so.

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Constructing a New Berkeley MBA Student Experience

Coming in 2016 to Berkeley-Haas: 80,000 square feet devoted entirely to student learning and interaction.

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