Part-time MBA Grad Becomes Business Manager to the (Michelin) Stars

Restaurant kitchens are all about transformations: whipping egg whites and sugar into meringues, emulsifying egg yolks and oil into mayonnaise, stirring butter, flour and milk into a béchamel sauce.

Part-time MBA programs are about transformation too. Aarti Shetty took her career from Biomedical Engineering to a Michelin three-star restaurant, where she is director of operations & finance.

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Financing Your Part-Time MBA: Your Questions Answered

An MBA is an investment you make in yourself. It delivers a foundation of knowledge, a set of skills, and a network that can play a strong role in your success (even while you're still in the program!), but, like any major investment, it takes careful consideration and planning.

We frequently talk with prospective students about their options for financing part-time MBA studies. Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions we receive about financing an MBA—and our answers:

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What exactly do people do with an MBA? Stories from Berkeley-Haas

There are as many answers to that question as there are students—maybe even more if you consider the changes possible over the course of a career.

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Why Business School? Berkeley MBA Students Share Their Reasons

Students from three MBA programs converge in the courtyard at Berkeley-Haas

At its core, a decision to pursue an MBA is a decision to take ownership of one's career. We hear often from students about the desire to explore and to move their careers forward in new ways. They also tell us they want to have greater impact and to refuel their passion for work. 

Why go to business school? Here are a few reasons shared by students in the Evening & Weekend, Full-time, and MBA for Executives programs at Berkeley-Haas:

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Infographic: Meet the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Class of 2018

These ambitious professionals, who began classes in early August, are holding down demanding jobs while tackling the rigorous Berkeley-Haas program. 

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Free Ebook: Am I Ready for an MBA?

There is no doubt that the decision to pursue an MBA is a big one. One that requires a clear-eyed assessment of your readiness to do so.

At Berkeley-Haas, we hear from thousands of aspiring candidates each year, and we've learned that those who are most ready for a program like the Berkeley MBA have clearly engaged in some self reflection.

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Career Advancement: Part-time MBA Student Takes Off at Lockheed Martin

Noting that Lockheed Martin is “good about letting people try new things,” Katherine Pease, MBA 15, is on her third “new thing” at work since enrolling in the Berkeley-Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program.

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7 Reasons to Choose a Part-time MBA Program

Congratulations—you've decided to go business school.

And you've decided that study in a top-ranked MBA program will give you the knowledge, skills, and network to chart the course of your career, from next move to a lifetime of meaningful work.

Now you need to determine what kind of program is right for you: Full-time? Part-time? Online? Hybrid?

We'd like to share 7 things about part-time MBA programs (such as evening and weekend or executive programs) that may help you decide if this is the best way for you to MBA:

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Berkeley MBA Commencement Speakers Stand Out

Two student speakers at the 2015 Berkeley MBA commencement, which celebrated graduates of the Full-time MBA Program and the Evening & Weekend MBA Program at Berkeley-Haas, delivered addresses that have caught attention: 

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The Lean Startup Model and the Berkeley MBA

Lamenting the lack of real customer data in traditional startup models, Lecturer Steve Blank teaches an eight-week class at Berkeley-Haas called The Lean Launchpad.

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