Al Gore Addresses, Inspires Berkeley MBA Students

Al Gore came to the Berkeley-Haas campus with a message of optimism that the climate change challenge would be met—tempered by an observation that "Democracy has been hacked" and that a breakdown in effective governance could be an obstacle to achieving that aim.

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Part-Time MBA ROI: Fostering Cleantech through Structured Finance

Berkeley-Haas evening and weekend MBA student Matt Heling has a new finance role in cleantechMatt Heling came to Haas to shift his career within cleantech and gain immediate and measurable ROI in the process.

Mission accomplished. 

On the eve of graduating from the Berkeley-Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program, he has landed a new position with SunEdison developing and driving the financial products that enable homeowners to "go solar." 

Here's how he did it:

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One of the "Best 40 Under 40"—Meet this Evening & Weekend MBA Prof.

Poets & Quants has compiled its 2015 list of "The World's Best 40 Under 40 Business School Professors," with the Berkeley-Haas Evening & Weekend MBA Program's Panos Patatoukas making the cut.

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Putting Part-time MBA Academics to Work

Being a good teacher is more than a popularity contest, but knowing which professors and courses consistently garner student praise can factor into class selection. Their popularity can relate to teaching style (students cite profs who are "collaborative," "energetic," "entertaining," and content that is"sticky," "inspirational," "dynamic"). For Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA students eager to test new knowledge out on the job, it can also be a matter of how just useful the academics prove to be.

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Many Happy Returns: Long-Term ROI and the Berkeley MBA, Part III

It’s not just about the money. While many articles have focused on the MBA ROI of salary, Haas graduates will tell you there are many other benefits to a degree from a top part-time MBA program.

In this three-part series, we asked several Berkeley-Haas alums how their degrees have affected their personal and professional satisfaction in the longer term. (Here are parts I and II)

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Berkeley-Haas Defining Principles: From Launch to Lasting

The Haas School's Dean Lyons rocks

The Berkeley MBA program maintains a vibe that goes beyond traditional b-school camaraderie, in part due to the school's Defining Principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself. 

Articulating Berkeley-Haas culture was a challenge that Dean Rich Lyons tackled alongside faculty and students in 2010, a process he calls both challenging and worthwhile.

"I was at lunch recently with some venture capitalists who don't know the school very well, and I handed a culture card to them. They said, 'This describes the kind of people we like to fund.'" 


On the fifth anniversary of the Principles, the school's chief (but far from only) culture evangelist, reflects  in Haas Now story on both their launch and their lasting value.

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Blowing Up the Business Plan at Berkeley-Haas

As a Berkeley MBA student, Andre Marquis learned how to write a business plan. Some 15 years later, after a series of successful ventures, he was leading the Haas School's Lester Center for Entrepreneurship.

And he realized that MBA entrepreneurship programs hadn't changed with the times. That’s where Lean LaunchPad comes in.

Andre shared his story in a Steve Blank blog post for the Huffington Post, noting that, "As I began my search to increase the relevance of our entrepreneurship curriculum...I found the answer right here at Berkeley, in the Lean LaunchPad class."

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Evening & Weekend vs. Executive MBA Programs: How to Choose, Part II

There’s more than one path to an MBA, and for many people, a full-time program just isn’t in the cards. Perhaps you’ve already launched your career, or have started a family.

That’s why we offer two part-time MBA programs. The Evening & Weekend program is designed to be a three-year, six-semester program;our executives program meets every three weeks from Thursday through Saturday over the course of 19 months.

Both programs offer the same rich resources and result in the same Berkeley degree. But which program is right for you? In this two-part series (See Part I), we spoke with two couples in which each partner chose a different part-time program.

Tatiana Medvedeva and Sergey Averchenkov live in Mountain View and are engaged to be married. Both are Russian – she’s from St. Petersberg, he’s from Moscow – but they met in the U.S. in 2011. Sergey will receive his degree from the evening and weekend program in 2017, while Tatiana will graduate from the executive program in December 2015.

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Part-Time MBA ROI: Positioned for a Move to Marketing

Change doesn’t have to be in leaps and bounds. Smaller steps toward career advancement can provide the space to prove yourself. To take your pulse. Lauren Kalette, MBA 15, started her Evening & Weekend MBA studies with the dream of moving from graphic design at Shutterfly into a marketing position—and she is moving toward that MBA ROI

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Evening & Weekend vs. Executive MBA Programs: How to Choose, Part I

We know potential b-school candidates are busy – many already have families or have launched demanding careers. That’s why we offer several paths to the degree, including two part-time MBA programs.

The Evening & Weekend program is a three-year, six-semester program, while our Executive MBA program meets about every three weeks from Thursday through Saturday over 19 months. Both offer the same rich resources and result in the same Berkeley MBA degree.

But which program is right for you? In this two-part series (See Part II) , we spoke with two couples in which each partner chose a different part-time program at Berkeley-Haas. 

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