Why Business School? Berkeley MBA Students Share Their Reasons

Students from three MBA programs converge in the courtyard at Berkeley-Haas

At its core, a decision to pursue an MBA is a decision to take ownership of one's career. We hear often from students about the desire to explore and to move their careers forward in new ways. They also tell us they want to have greater impact and refuel their passion for work—perhaps find even more meaningful work

Why go to business school? Here are a few reasons shared by students in the Evening & Weekend, Full-time, and MBA for Executives programs at Berkeley-Haas:

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Am I Ready for an MBA if I Don't Have a Business Background?

Am I ready for an MBA?

It's a question that every potential applicant needs to ask. There are circumstances that could stop you from applying to business school, but one thing that shouldn't hold you back is the fact that you see yourself as a non-traditional business school applicant.

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Going to business school could turn you into an MBA entrepreneur

Above: Berkeley MBA startup Planet Murple aims to help kids each more vegetables

If you've ever considered enrolling in an MBA program, you may have pictured yourself getting promoted to a prominent new position at your current company or transferring to an innovative startup after graduation, but have you ever thought about launching your own venture?

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Video: Which Berkeley MBA Program is Right for You?

Choosing an MBA program is, in part, about finding the peer group and the program format that works best for you.

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How an MBA led to more meaningful work for Digital Green's Karin Lion

For many, being a program officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sounds like a dream job. And for Karin Lion, EMBA 15, it was – for eight years.

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Shaping Your Business School Studies for a Product Management MBA

Part problem-solver, part storyteller, part trend analyst, and part entrepreneur, a product manager is part of putting The Next Big Thing in people's hands. 

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Tip #2 to Finding More Meaningful Work: Explore

Deciding you're restless at work is one thing. Deciding what to do next? That's quite another.

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Why Networking should be part of your search for more Meaningful Work

Networking is not a numbers game—how many connections you have on LinkedIn or names in your contact list. Algorithms can only take you so far. It is about building productive relationships that deliver mutual value and grow stronger over time.

As Berkeley-Haas students seek out and retool themselves for more meaningful work, the Berkeley MBA Career Management Group coaches them on how to network for the best possible results.

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Part-time MBA Admissions Tips: Put the GMAT/GRE in Perspective

For many applicants to top part-time MBA programs, gearing up to take the GMAT or GRE can be a nerve-wracking part of the admissions process.

We get it—it may have been awhile since you had to sit down and take a 3.5-hour exam, let alone study for one.

Take a deep breath, and let this video message from Berkeley-Haas help you put the GMAT/GRE in perspective.

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Managing Your Career for More Meaningful Work

Like all big decisions in life, making a career change in pursuit of more meaningful work can give you a whole spectrum of feelings—it can make you question your direction, make you nervous about actually taking the leap, or make you feel antsy to finally take that first step toward having the impact you want.

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