What we're thankful for at Berkeley-Haas: 7 Things


Fall foliage at Berkeley-HaasThe holidays are a perfect time of year to reflect on what weve been given, and what we can give back. With a devoted staff, inspiring faculty, and diverse and talented students, we at Berkeley-Haas have a lot to be thankful for this year. In keeping with a season that incites an attitude of gratitude, we've gathered together a list of things we're grateful for. Though we could have made a much longer list, were especially thankful for…

1. Unique learning opportunities

You may have heard the saying, if it doesnt challenge you, it doesn't change you. Life is full of opportunities to learn, to try, to be something new. We believe in providing students with hands-on experiences in stimulating environments, like this years tech challenge with Facebook, our executive MBA program's field immersions, and the academic retreat in our evening and weekend MBA Program.

2. Creation and innovation

Who said trying to reinvent the wheel was a bad thing? Were thankful for those who introduce new ideas to old systems. Were especially thankful to have some of those very minds affiliated with Berkeley-Haas, like alumni Patrick Awuah, who recently received the MacArthur Foundations coveted genius grant. We welcome students, alumni, and faculty who encourage us to re-envision—and improve—what we already know.

3. Diverse voices and perspectives

The demographics of today's workforce is changing, and student bodies are becoming more diverse. We appreciate the power of a student body that offers differing perspectives and backgrounds. Our Gender Equity Initiative, which focused on admissions outreach to female applicants, demonstrates our commitment to a diverse class; as of 2015, our full-time MBA program has one of the highest female student ratios among top business schools.

4. Leaders who inspire us

Whether theyre in the classroom, the workplace, or the news, leaders have a powerful, yet sometimes quiet, way of differentiating themselves. They draw our interest and attention, and they inspire us to think of what we could be. Were inspired by many such leaders here at Berkeley-Haas, including Professor Emeritus and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen.

5. Rewarding careers and professional development

We think having a stimulating career is critical to both personal and professional fulfillment—and The Economist agrees. In its 2015 ranking of top full-time MBA programs, the publication weighted new career opportunities and personal development, along with educational experiences, as its two most important factors. The Haas School ranked #5 in the nation, demonstrating our ongoing career support for students and alumni.

6. Cooperation and co-creation

If two heads are better than one, then a community of bright and service-oriented minds is unbeatable. At Haas-Berkeley, we want the educational opportunities on campus to benefit communities near and far. Thats why Berkeley-Haas partnered with Philanthropy U to debut free online courses to over 100,000 students globally. 

7. Breakthroughs that shake up the status quo

Every so often, research reveals something that wows us. It might contradict what we thought we knew, or invite us to view the world differently. These breakthroughs keep life interesting, keep us guessing, and unlock unknown potential. And breakthroughs dont happen without fearless thinkers and dedicated pioneers, like Assistant Professor Ming Hsu, whose work with psychology, technology, and analytics promises exciting applications for marketing insights.

We're also thankful that this list reflects much of what students experience at Berkeley-Haas. Want to learn more? You can start by comparing the Berkeley MBA programs.

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Morgan is the Executive Director of Full-time MBA Admissions at Haas as well as a graduate of the program. She enjoys making personal connections with prospective students and guiding them through the MBA admission process.