Ready For An MBA...Or For The Next Big Thing In Your Life? Part II


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We've previously chatted with Berkeley MBA students about how they knew they were ready for an MBA. But we were also interested to hear about how they knew they were ready for other major life changes. So, we explored that question with our students as well, first in Part I and now in Part II of our series on how you know you're ready for the next big thing. 

Sydnie Reed, Full-Time MBA Program

Sidney Reed

How did you know you were ready to become a parent?

"At first, I believed that I needed to finish school and be in a job for a year before trying to start a family. My husband was fairly strong in his belief that 'there is never a good time' and was encouraging me to consider alternate timelines. I came to realize, however, that school is a perfect time to start a family, particularly at a place like Haas. The program itself is very family-friendly, my fellow students are extremely supportive, and I knew better what I wanted out of my second year classes, which allowed me to focus on those things I really care about, both inside and outside the classroom."  

Robert Kazmarek, Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Robert KazmarekHow did you know you were ready to take a risk and change your career plans?

"Through coaching, traveling, project creation and execution, and personal conversations with family, friends and amazing Haas colleagues, I began piecing together what mattered most to me for my future and self-fulfillment. When I compared that with what I had in front of me at my former position, I realized there were gaps. The more I confronted my feelings about those gaps, the more I realized it was time to make a change. The change itself took a bit of a leap, yet it ultimately comes down to trusting yourself. No matter what happens, this change will be a success. One problem I won't have is regret. I'll pack up my things, tell the people I love that I'll see them in a few months, and I'll move forward open to outcome and ready to create something magical. "

I have always been passionate about turning ideas into reality...


Alejandro Maldonado, Executive MBA Program 

How did you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

"I have always been passionate about turning ideas into reality, regardless of the field, and I can remember seeking out opportunities to do this even before my undergrad. But for my first real company, focusing on design and visualization solutions for real estate, the process was just natural. I started being a freelance designer, working with a few clients just after getting my degree. I got together with two skilled people and we started growing, getting more and bigger clients, so the natural step was to start a company together. By this time we knew a lot about the industry, as well as our customer’s needs and how to solve them. Of course, this decision process is different for each person, but one thing I feel remains constant is the desire and need to start something you can call your own."

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