EMBA Startup Roundup


Inspired by Silicon Valley Immersion Week and by all they learn in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program, a number of our students find an executive MBA and entrepreneurship go together, choosing to launch ventures while still in the program or soon after. From a concierge veterinary service to a hangover remedy and artesian water, here are a few EMBA startups.

Vet Set Co-Founder Taylor Truitt with her dog Noah

Vet Set Co-founder Taylor Truitt, with Chief Morale Officer (and French Bulldog) Noah

 The Vet Set

Taylor Truitt, EMBA 14, and co-founder Eva Radke have launched a concierge veterinary service in New York, traveling to homes and workplaces seven days a week to tend to pets of the feline and canine persuasion.

The duo chose NYC because, says Taylor, “New Yorkers are crazy about their pets, already accustomed to home delivery of many different services, and don't have cars, so getting dogs and cats to the vet really can propose a significant stress.”

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BrightDay BrightDay Co-Founders Sharrifah Al-Salem and David Firth Eagland

David Firth-Eagland, EMBA 15, and Sharrifah Al-Salem, EMBA 15, with the help of medical professionals, turned Firth-Eagland’s home remedy into a capsule taken at one’s first and third drinks to prevent hangovers the next morning.

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California Artesian

Stewart Wells, EMBA 15, founded California Artesian, which sells artesian water in Northern California and Asia. “Our artesian water, sourced from 7,000 feet elevation in the Sierra Nevadas, has a much softer and smoother taste than any type of purified or spring water because it has incredibly low mineral content,” says Stewart.

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These entrepreneurs found startup inspiration and skills in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program. Could an EMBA help you launch? 

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