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Khalid Alali, MBA 18, is a Saudi Arabian consultant and entrepreneur. Prior to pursuing his MBA at Haas, he spent five years working in diverse industries in the high-growth Middle East region. Khalid was excited to come to Haas because of its values-driven culture and its proximity to the Bay Area’s technology ecosystem.

Recent Posts

Tale of a Modern-Day Robin Hood: An MBA Visit With Warren Buffett

By Khalid Alali   |   3/06/2017
On February 17th, a group of 20 Berkeley MBA students from the Investment Club trekked to Omaha Nebraska to meet Warren Buffett. We came to Omaha hoping to gain investment advice from Buffett, but left Omaha ...

MBA Student Perspective: "I am from Saudi Arabia, and I am a Feminist"

By Khalid Alali   |   11/28/2016
My name is Khalid Alali and I am a full-time MBA student in the Class of 2018. I am from Saudi Arabia, and I am a feminist.