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Three MBA Scholarship Stories

By Haas School of Business   |   11/19/2015
Nearly half of this year's class entering full-time MBA students received scholarships totalling a record $6.7 million.

Observing Haas — With Tongue Firmly in Cheek

By Haas School of Business   |   7/20/2015
Last spring, a team of Haas MBA humorists decided to have a little fun at the expense of the school they love so well. The result was the Haas Observer, funded by $5 contributions by fellow students to a Tilt ...

Peet's gets a shot of creativity from Berkeley MBAs

By Haas School of Business   |   6/04/2015
Drinking coffee is a given for students pulling all-nighters to finish up final projects, but for a dozen MBA students this spring, coffee drinking was the project.

Haas MBAs Win Silver for "No Buy" Pitch

By Haas School of Business   |   5/13/2015
By Tom Garland, MBA 15

Two Haas Teams Among Top Winners of LAUNCH Startup Competition

By Haas School of Business   |   5/05/2015
By Karen Sorensen, guest blogger

Making it Rain in London: MBA Team's Drought Mitigation Innovation Wins 1st in Morgan Stanley Challenge

By Haas School of Business   |   4/21/2015
By Nick Wobbrock, Chad Reed, Leigh Madeira, and Zach Knight, all Full-time MBA 15

The Rise of Big Data at Haas

By Haas School of Business   |   3/19/2015
Haas Data Science Club leaders Claire Bianchi, Antoine Bruyns, Scott Crider, Samy Merzgui, and Pete Dillon, all MBA 16.

Root Beer Floats With the Oracle of Omaha: 2 MBAs Recount Their Visit With Warren Buffett

By Haas School of Business   |   3/13/2015
On Feb. 27, a group of 20 Berkeley-Haas MBA students from the Investment Club trekked to Omaha, NE, to meet Warren Buffett. Every year Mr. Buffett invites students from MBA programs around the country to tour ...

Haas ranked #1 in support for LGBTQ students: one student reflects on being an ally

By Haas School of Business   |   2/02/2015
Last week, the organization Friendfactor ranked Haas #1 in the MBA Ally Challenge—a quarterly award that recognizes business schools for creating a culture that's supportive and inclusive of lesbian, gay, ...