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Beers + First Years

By Eve Alexander   |   8/09/2011
It's hard to believe that it's been more than a year since I arrived in Berkeley, and harder still to get used to referring to myself and my classmates as second years. But I had to get used to it quickly last ...

Women In Leadership

By Eve Alexander   |   12/29/2010
This post is guest-authored by Caroline Mock, FTMBA 2012, the president of the Women In Leadership club at Haas. If you're interested in or have any questions about WIL at Haas, please contact Caroline at ...

Cheers to the end of Fall A midterms

By Eve Alexander   |   9/17/2010
There were a lot of happy first years raising a pint at the Bear's Lair on Friday, celebrating the end of our first set of midterms! Hard to believe that after only three weeks in school, we're already taking ...

Just another O-Week speaker...

By Eve Alexander   |   8/20/2010
Just a quick post because I have to share the thrill our class got today after we returned from our O-Week lunch. The one and only Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, TWITTER!!, was our speaker. Don't get me ...

It begins!

By Eve Alexander   |   8/08/2010
Well, I’ve landed in Berkeley!