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The MFE: Changing Lives...

By The Berkeley MFE Program   |   Nov 14, 2018
…and not just those of its students. Jonathan Stuart, an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley and a work-study, recently traveled to Atlanta to represent the program at the Atlanta University Center Consortium'...

From Engineer to Economist and PM/Trader: Meet MFE12 Puru Sarathy, Quant Extraordinaire

By The Berkeley MFE Program   |   Aug 22, 2018
The Berkeley MFE is coming to Mumbai, India!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet our outstanding alum Puru Sarathy in person and to connect with MFE Staff.  We’ll answer any questions you have about our ...

Debunking Myths about the Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) Program

We strive to make our admissions process extremely transparent, but we continue to hear some concerns from prospective applicants that just aren’t true.  So we’re setting the record straight:

MFE06 Alumnus Eugene Lee's Path to Fintech for Good

By Linda Kreitzman   |   Jul 27, 2018
We love visits from our alumni and we were so happy to see just last Friday MFE06 Eugene Lee with his wife, new baby and his colleague and MFE alumnus Guanghua Cao whom Eugene recently hired to work at his firm...

Moving from "Traditional" Finance to Fintech/Blockchain

By Linda Kreitzman   |   Apr 26, 2018
Many students and alumni want to work in Fintech and often ask me what advice I can give them. I recommend engaging in new coursework in programming (Python, R, C++), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligenc...

Where Are Our Alumni Now? Catching Up With MFE15 Alumnus Chad Wildman

By Linda Kreitzman   |   Feb 02, 2018
Do you have a promotion story to share with us? The MFE loves to hear them! We like to share them with our students because they can learn about the path alumni take after completing their MFE degree. 

Where Are Our Alumni Now? MFE10 Alumnus Jiwon Park, Managing Director

By Linda Kreitzman   |   Nov 07, 2017
Berkeley MFE graduate Jiwon Park has an extensive academic and professional profile. He graduated summa cum laude with his BA in Economics from Seoul National University, and dedicated an additional year at the...