From PhD to MFE: Jingtian Wei's Inspiring Journey to Quantitative Research


Meet Jingtian Wei, a distinguished alumna of UC Berkeley's Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) program. In 2023, she transitioned into a rewarding career as a quantitative researcher at BlackRock. Jingtian's journey is an inspiration and a testament to the power of specialized education in the rapidly evolving landscape of financial markets.

Jingtian holds a PhD in Economics from Shanghai University of Financial and Economics. Her deep passion for investment and a desire to align her career with advancements in big data modeling techniques led her to enroll in the Berkeley MFE program. As Jingtian states, "The rapid advancement of new big data modeling techniques prompted my desire to acquire a deeper understanding, particularly in harnessing these techniques to enhance financial practices."

The Berkeley MFE program offered Jingtian a curriculum focused on practical models, industry exposure, and coding proficiency. She emphasizes, "Our program prioritizes the integration of more pragmatic models by leveraging the expertise of professors from both academic and industry backgrounds." This blend bridged the gap between economic theories and real-world applications, equipping Jingtian with the skills necessary for her role at BlackRock.

Highlighting specific courses, Jingtian singles out the Equity Markets course and text Active Portfolio Management as a standout experience. The final project, conducted under the guidance of a mentor from BlackRock, became a defining moment in her career trajectory. This experience not only sparked her passion for ESG considerations but also established a robust mentorship with a seasoned professional, providing invaluable insights as she navigates her career path.

Reflecting on her success, Jingtian acknowledges the transformative impact of the MFE degree on her career. "It fuels me with knowledge and confidence. It brings me connections with wise peers and mentors. It provides me with more opportunities, which I never thought I could have 5 years ago." Through determination, a commitment to learning, and leveraging the opportunities presented by the MFE program, Jingtian has carved a path to success, demonstrating that sometimes, the road less traveled leads to the most rewarding destinations.

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