Reasons to pursue a Berkeley MFE



A Master of Financial Engineering degree is highly sought after by those looking to acquire the skills necessary to become “quants,” people who apply mathematics, programming and statistics to finance.  

Among similar programs, the Berkeley MFE stands apart. Here’s why:

1. Practical Skills That Every Would-Be Quant Needs

The Berkeley MFE Program applies theory to practice, teaching real, tangible skills that graduates apply immediately on the job. The one-year curriculum is rigorous and prominent faculty members teach the coursework. The program’s practical nature uniquely prepares students to thrive as professionals.

2. Peers and Professors Who Inspire

The faculty, students and alumni distinguish the program. The faculty are world-renowned leaders in their respective fields, and they are passionate about both their domain areas and student success; the students are collaborative and highly motivated, flavoring discussion of finance with their exciting, diverse backgrounds and unique experiences. The alumni are devoted to the program. Ashley Whitfield, MFE 18, writes: “[i]n five years I aim to be in a position similar to a lot of the alumni that have interviewed me; I want to be responsible for mentoring the next generation of financial engineers.” Such an intimate cohort inherently fosters a close community, facilitating both teamwork and a strong affinity among colleagues.

3. Transition to Finance and Data Science

Many candidates choose to pursue an MFE to make the transition to finance, finding placement at bulge-bracket investment banks, hedge funds, fintech companies and asset management firms. Our alumni work in portfolio management, sales & trading, strats & modeling, quantitative analysis & research, and data science positions. Employers who have recruited our students include Goldman Sachs, Citadel, BlackRock, Millennium Management, Facebook, Google and Uber, among many others.

4. Last Degree You’ll Ever Need

A Berkeley MFE degree will undeniably sustain your career for the next thirty-five years. MFE graduates enjoy a competitive edge on the job market without needing to go back to school, and they will find their skills in high demand for many years to come.

5. Career Advancement

Many choose to join the program to advance their careers. Our alumni have found that, in addition to holding its value over time, their degree has truly augmented their career progression. Ambitious Berkeley MFEs leverage their degrees, launching their careers onto amazing new trajectories.

6. Geographic Portability of Degree

A Berkeley MFE degree is highly portable, and our students have started their careers in some of the world’s most choice locations, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. To the immense benefit of our students, the alumni network is incredibly diffuse.

7. Return On Investment

The MFE allows you to maximize your education’s ROI. Among degree programs, the Berkeley MFE offers one of the best returns. With an excellent placement record, and dedicated career staff, driven MFE students are guaranteed to maximize the value of their degree.

8. The Berkeley MFE Program is #1

The Berkeley MFE Program is simply the best of its kind. Our program ranked #1 by the TFE Times, and we also tied for first in QuantNet's 2017 rankings.  The Berkeley MFE Program is one of the most selective, highly regarded financial engineering programs.

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The Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program, a STEM designated degree, provides you with the knowledge and skills to prepare you for a career in the finance/fintech industry.