Prarthana Shetty's Mission to Demystify Finance through Coffee Time Finance


PrarthanaPrarthana Shetty MFE ‘22 talks goals, furthering her education, and finding a love in entrepreneurship. Here's what she had to say:

My personal mission is to democratize finance and make significant contributions to the field of impact investing in the long-term. I believe, leveraging artificial intelligence alongside human intelligence would enable us to bring about material positive change in society.

Why get an MFE at Haas?                                                                  In order to inch closer to my longer-term aspirations, my immediate focus is to build myself a tool-kit to expand my knowledge base in the domain of quantitative finance and gain a deeper practical understanding of designing robust investment strategies. The academic rigor and the industry exposure coupled with adaptive hands-on learning provided by the Master of Financial Engineering program at UC Berkeley made it the best program to pursue to gain the wholesome intellectual and personal enrichment I am seeking.

A love towards finance                                                                                                                                                                                In finance, we have to constantly keep our minds engaged and learn about interdisciplinary subjects. Be it keeping up with the latest innovations in the electric-vehicle industry or understanding the long-term implications of frontier technologies like blockchain and NFTs and how these aspects could potentially tie into investment strategies. The dynamic nature of this industry feeds my perpetual curiosity to understand more about the world and explains why I absolutely love the field!

Mission: Demystify Finance!                                                                                                                                                              Owing to my commitment to equalize the opportunity space and close the information gap in the domain of finance, I developed a platform called “Coffee Time Finance”. It is a financial education platform that provides high-quality content on finance in an easy to consume format. The sole mission is “To Demystify Finance for Gen A to Z”. The platform currently has about 4000 subscribers and is increasingly reaching more enthusiastic readers every month.

Diving into Entrepreneurship                                                                                                                                                                    As we enter into the third decade of the 21st century, "attention" is becoming a really scarce resource. We are constantly bombarded with information almost incessantly. In an arena like that, what's pivotal is to make educational content as easy to consume as possible while retaining the core essence of the topic covered.

What started off as a LinkedIn post to garner the market interest of such a platform, quickly amassed 55,000 views within a span of 3 days. This reaffirmed my notion of the dire need for such a platform. I quickly got to building the same, the core ideal of which was to help bridge the knowledge gap in a systematic fashion. And that was the genesis of Coffee Time Finance!

Financial literacy is essential for every individual in the modern world and Coffee Time Finance hopes to contribute towards that overarching goal. After all, the mission is simple: “To Demystify Finance for Gen A to Z.”

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As Assistant Dean and Executive Director of the Berkeley MFE Program, my role-among other things-is to develop and maintain contacts with firms to find opportunities for the students and place them in outstanding internships and full-time positions.