Calling upon the MFE Network


One of the most important and powerful aspects of being a Berkeley MFE is becoming a part of a network of over 1000 MFE alumni from around the world. These alumni provide sound advice, insights, and even employment opportunities for the current students.

A couple of weeks ago, the current MFE students had a chance to meet some of the alumni working in the San Francisco Bay Area during a casual networking event in the city. Many alumni participated, hailing from a wide range of companies, from BlackRock to Uber.

Along with their presence, the alumni also brought their perspectives on the program and provided valuable guidance. A commonly reiterated theme was that their hard work at the MFE program, regardless of where they came from and how much experience they had, provided them with opportunities to progress their careers.

For the alumni, getting a chance to not only meet the current students, but also to network with alumni from other years and catch up with their peers, was exciting. Many even went on to proclaim that the event was the best they had attended since their graduation from the MFE program.

Personally, the event was extremely refreshing. I connected with several alumni from different backgrounds. The advice I received changed my perceptions on the industry. For example, alumni who work in technology firms consistently told me their ability to use tools obtained during the program to solve financial problems set them apart from their coworkers.

As a current student, this event allowed us to foster connections with many Berkeley MFE alumni.  Despite representing a small fraction of the Berkeley MFE alumni community, the wide reach of this exclusive network was still felt.  As the alumni attested, having the support of this group will have a profound impact on our careers.

Learn more about the Berkeley MFE Program and how you can become part of this network.

About The Author

Snow Wang is a current MFE18 student who joined the Berkeley MFE Program this March. He is the Vice President of the Financial Engineering Student Association (FESA), which works with the MFE Office to organize professional development events and social activities for the class.

Snow graduated in 2016 from the University of Toronto, where he received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering Science, specializing in Engineering Mathematics, Statistics and Finance.