A Day in the Life of an MFE


In the heart of Berkeley, a place renowned for its academic excellence, lies the prestigious Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) program at the University of California. Here, the dreams of aspiring finance professionals take flight, and the journey is nothing short of remarkable. Let us dive into the lives of two students, Wei Qi and Elisa Piaraly, as they share their experiences and lessons from their time in the Berkeley MFE program.

Wei offers insights into a typical day as a Berkeley MFE student: "My typical day in the Berkeley MFE program is thoughtfully organized to optimize productivity and personal well-being. Mornings are dedicated to attending classes, capitalizing on my peak energy and focus to grasp complex financial concepts effectively. During the afternoon, I shift my focus towards career development, preparing for interviews, engaging in industry projects, and actively participating in networking activities to expand my professional connections."

Elisa shares her own unique perspective on life as a Berkeley MFE student: "I usually wake up at 7 am and ride my bike to Haas. I study my courses and get on with my homework or projects until noon and go to class until 1.30 pm and then have lunch with my friends. Then in the afternoon, I either go to the gym or play tennis."

photos studentlifeIn the MFE, balance is key. Amidst the demanding schedule, both Wei and Elisa do their best to balance both academic and personal commitments. "Despite the demanding schedule, I prioritize spending quality time with my wife during the evenings," Wei emphasized. While Elise said, "Balancing my studies with personal activities is a cornerstone of my well-being."

Yet, no journey is without its challenges. Wei candidly reveals his initial struggles in the program: "At the beginning of the program, I had high expectations for its fast pace. However, I found it challenging to juggle the intense classes and the preparation for successful interviews." Elisa recounts an intensive week of interviews: "One of the most challenging moments was when I had 8 interviews for the fall internship. It was a great opportunity to show my skills and being challenged by prestigious firms’ professionals. This week required me to manage my stress while being organized in my preparation."

However, resilience and adaptability proved essential for overcoming hurdles. As time progressed, Wei adapted and improved, gaining confidence in his abilities. The program's abundant resources, including individual career coaching and interactions with alumni, played a crucial role in preparing him for success in the financial industry.

But the true essence of the Berkeley MFE journey lies in the practical application and hands-on approach in the course that proved to be invaluable for Wei and Elisa's growth. "Through detailed in-class instruction, GSI sessions, and challenging assignments, we actively constructed and calibrated these models using Python coding," Wei shared. This practical experience greatly strengthened his understanding, equipping him with valuable insights and skills applicable in the finance industry. For Elisa, she had the opportunity to apply the skills learned in an industry project with a family office in Germany, relishing the freedom to lead and implement portfolio management strategies using the foundations laid during the program.

Their stories and experiences paint a vivid picture of life as a Berkeley MFE student—a journey of growth, transformation, and resilience. The program empowers students to embrace passion, cultivate a thirst for knowledge, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. As the Berkeley MFE continues to nurture future finance leaders, it remains a beacon of inspiration for those seeking excellence in the world of financial engineering.

About The Author

Diane is the Senior Associate Director of the Berkeley MFE Program. She works with the admissions team and helps prepare students prior to joining the program. In addition, she provides support to the MFE students and program office.