Who Am I? What Am I?

Although I'm not exactly having an identity crisis, I sorta am. I decided to sign up for a Leadership Development Series Workshop titled: "Stand Out: Build Your Brand." It's being taught by William Arruda of Reach Communications Consulting.

To prepare for the workshop, participants have been asked to fill out a survey and send the survey to peers, friends, coworkers, and family to identify our brand traits to help create a profile. One of the questions asks - if s/he were a car, what type would s/he be and why?

All of my respondents haven't completed the survey, but there is a strong leaning towards various dependable Japanese sedans, some with leather seats (as noted by some respondents). I'm looking forward to finding out how all of this fits together when I take the workshop. For now, it's certainly a fun conversation topic and something to ponder.

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