Welcome Class of 2012 - Round 2 Admits

A couple of weeks back, a number of current Haas students eagerly volunteered to welcome Round 2 New Admits. Here we are filling the Bank of America Forum. I remember going to my own reception so long ago - meeting staff members, current students, other new admits and their partners and spouses. Exciting and thrilling times - some have put down their deposit and responded to the welcome letter. Others are still deciding. This year, each new admit was assigned to a student volunteer who sent a welcome email and followed up with a phone call (good work EWMBAA Admissions Committee and volunteers!). Some lucky folks got to link up with the person who had contacted them and ask questions up close and personal.
Here's a pic of Tim, my fellow blogger, and me getting ready to mingle til we tingle.
Once a Haas student, there is no turning back. You're Haas for life!

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