Tumultuous Week

What an incredibly painful week! Watching the U.S. market dive to almost 6,000 points below what it was about one year ago (when it was at it's all-time high) is killer in a bad way. And the fact that it's impacting the global economy is indeed scary. No one is left unaffected. I don't recommend looking at your 401k, unless you want to clutch your chest in agony.

In California, we also have that continuing water drought, which is hurting farms, produce and other local business. Things are not pretty.

Sort of puts things all in perspective for the week I've had at work and school. The work week has been tough for all the usual reasons, but compounded by timing of multiple projects requiring specific attention (call it coincidence, or just plain irony). In addition, because this week is our first set of finals for EWMBA 1st years, it has probably been more than a little hectic for all the first-year's.

Then again, maybe this is a fair point to say that it's a good time to explore your options at business schools like our illustrious and beloved Haas. Our Economics for Business Decision Making (read: Micro) professor mentioned that there is a high correlation between a poor economy and a rise in business school applications. All things considered, when would be a better time to shape yourself and prepare for the future of business? This is with the optimistic assumption that our country and world can right the ship in the next few years, of course. You might be a part of that solution! Uncle Oski wants you!

Anyway, enough shpiel. I'm awaiting Haas to cut me a check for the endorsement (I kid). As we in the EWMBA 1st years come to a close with our Organizational Behavior group projects (final group paper and presentation) this week, it has really put me to the test. You really find out about yourself and where you need to improve. Big thanks to my team (Karen Cassidy, Derrick Chia, Joshua Cha and Gopi Pai), for sticking it through. You rock! Regardless of grade, we've done a lot and worked together as a team! It's a worthwhile challenge to see bright people with different backgrounds dynamically try to build upon a common objective.

Blue and Gold cohorts (weekday/evening classes): Hope finals wrap-up went well and that the subsequent celebrations were fun! Enjoy some brief rest!

Finally, good luck to Axe and Oski on the weekend side, with tomorrow's big finals! (Partying and) Rest is on the horizon!

- Tim

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