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Tackling the GMAT? Treat Yourself!

By Eileen Jacob   |   4/28/2016
If you've ever trained a dog, taught a child, or persuaded yourself to exercise after a long day, you've probably used some sort of reward-based practice. Studies show that we–along with animals–are highly ...

Considering an Executive MBA? An EMBA Admissions Consultation Can Help

By Susan Petty   |   3/10/2016
Am I too young for an executive MBA program? Too old? Do I still have time to apply? If you’re wondering about these or other questions related to the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program, a personal ...

How to use the GMAT to Your Advantage in Business School

By Morgan Bernstein   |   2/16/2016
Whether you are considering a part-time MBA program or a full-time MBA program, returning to school after two years or ten, one thing nearly all prospective MBA students share is a dread of the GMAT or GRE.

What to Consider When Putting Together Your MBA Application

By Morgan Bernstein   |   1/29/2016
If you read our first MBA application tips post, featuring my conversation with fellow admissions directors from each Berkeley-Haas MBA program, you probably noticed some common threads, as well as ...

GMAT. GRE. Grrr! How to Take the Pain out of MBA Test Prep

By Susan Petty   |   1/13/2016
It’s universal. Studying for and taking the entrance exams required for admission to many MBA programs is a low point for many in the MBA application process.  And yet, there’s no getting around it: You'll ...

Application Tips and Insights from Berkeley MBA Admissions Directors

By Rahul Sampat   |   1/08/2016
What do admissions directors from top MBA programs want applicants to know? I thought it would be interesting to explore this question across all three Berkeley MBA programs, so I brought my perspective on our ...

Financing Your Executive MBA: Asking Your Employer for Sponsorship

By Susan Petty   |   9/11/2015
When it comes to financing your executive MBA, one idea is both obvious and difficult—asking your employer for assistance. Clearly, your employer will benefit from your advanced training, but many companies ...

Free Ebook: Am I Ready for an MBA?

By Julia Sprague   |   9/01/2015
There is no doubt that the decision to pursue an MBA is a big one. One that requires a clear-eyed assessment of your readiness to do so.

Taming the Berkeley MBA Application

By Susan Petty   |   8/06/2015
It can feel overwhelming to face a b-school application. But, armed with a few tips on what adcoms are really looking for (and why), you’ll see that it’s not so daunting.