Product Management

Product Management | 3 MIN READ

3 Berkeley Haas alumni on how an MBA helped them break into product management

If you want to have a hand in creating products that impact people’s lives, you might be eyeing a career in product management. The product manager ...
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photo of Marco Cagna

Product Management | 3 MIN READ

The MBA from the eyes of a hiring manager at Amazon Web Services

Whether you see your MBA as a step toward switching careers or moving up a rung or two in the field that already fuels your passion, the job you land ...
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Pradeep Khanal, EWMBA 19

Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

Redesigning problem solving through design thinking

Too often, businesses approach a problem with a tried-and-true solution already in mind. But that kind of approach makes innovation difficult – and ...
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Rohan Vashdev Balwani, MBA 19

Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

The ‘double’ career switch: Rohan Vashdev Balwani, MBA 19

Seven years into his hardware engineering career, Rohan Vashdev Balwani, MBA 19, sensed a shift in his interests and his industry.
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Laura Teclemariam, EMBA 18

Leadership | 3 MIN READ

Six questions for Laura Teclemariam, Electronic Arts

Laura Teclemariam, EMBA 18, has redirected her career many times. She followed her Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer ...
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Evening & Weekend | 3 MIN READ

How storytelling as a product manager helps you build great products

You may have thought "Once upon a time…" was primarily a way for parents to get children to sleep, but it turns out that stories can also be used to ...
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Product Management vs. Product Marketing, a comparison

Product Management | 4 MIN READ

Product management vs. product marketing

Imagine that your job is to champion projects that bring life-changing products to the market. Would you describe yourself as a product manager or a ...
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Executive MBA | 2 MIN READ

An EMBA paves the way from consulting to product management

Ask Berkeley MBA Ashok Sundararajan about how an executive MBA (EMBA) can take you from consulting to startups – the degree enabled him to make that ...
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Executive MBA | 2 MIN READ

How an executive MBA paid off for this product marketing director

For product marketing director Adam Kerin, EMBA 16, it hasn’t taken long to see the return on investment (ROI) from his Berkeley Executive MBA. One ...
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Evening & Weekend | 4 MIN READ

Do I need an MBA to be a product manager?

Product managers draw upon a wide array of skills to help companies envision, deliver, and market the new and the next. Some of the abilities a ...
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Evening & Weekend | 1 MIN READ

How to become a product manager

Product managers help companies envision, produce, and market products. They are responsible for every stage from conception to sale. Their role is ...
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Executive MBA | 3 MIN READ

Becoming a leader in product management: Jay Dave's Amazon career

Although Jay Dave, EMBA 16, came from an engineering background, he'd always considered transitioning to a leadership role in product management. ""I ...
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