Networking | 4 MIN READ

Reflecting on the decade: Berkeley grads get real about their experience with Haas

Where do you want to be in one year? How about five years? What steps will you take in 2020 to ensure you’re making strides to achieve these goals?
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full time MBA Bay Area

Leadership | 4 MIN READ

Why you should, or shouldn’t, apply for an MBA in the Bay Area this year

If you ask any graduate about their decision to pursue a full- or part-time MBA, and what their life was like after earning their degree, they’ll ...
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Bay Area MBA-1

Internships | 5 MIN READ

Top reasons you should get your MBA at Berkeley this year

Prospective students seek out Berkeley to earn their MBA for several reasons. Its rich history of activism and questioning the status quo is only the ...
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Full time MBA


Rage against the MBA: Why some CEOs praise MBAs and others don’t

Not all CEOs have MBAs. Some, like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, don’t even have BAs. Steve Jobs famously said during his 2005 Stanford commencement ...
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Compare the Berkeley MBA Program Options

Same world-renowned faculty. Same global alumni network. Same top-ranked MBA.
Different schedules.

Compare Berkeley MBA Programs

Leadership | 3 MIN READ

The immediate benefits of a top MBA program

From improving your transferable skills to bolstering your professional credibility, there are many benefits of obtaining an MBA. But, don’t fall ...
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