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Using MBA skills to incubate new MENA leadership

By Rahul Sampat   |   7/08/2019
Nancy Hoque, MBA 19, arrived at Berkeley Haas in search of a fresh start in her career. She'd worked as an engineer at Nokia and Motorola for more than a decade, but a new interest in go-to-market strategy was ...

MBA Student Perspective: Choosing a Graduate Degree to Maximize my Social Impact

By Sarrah Nomanbhoy   |   12/22/2016
As I began thinking about graduate school, I knew I wanted to choose a program that would help me combine my two passions: entrepreneurship and international migration.

Design Thinking Goes Abroad

By Eileen Jacob   |   7/28/2016
Berkeley MBA students now have another opportunity to experience business culture abroad, while polishing their consulting and design thinking skills at the same time. This past spring, 30 full- and part-time ...

International Opportunities for Part-time MBAs at Berkeley-Haas

By Eileen Jacob   |   4/21/2016
Nachiket (5th from l.) with his International Business Development Team with the Ghana staff of Reach for Change. 

Lindo, Maravilhoso! Executive MBA Brazil Immersion Week

By Laura Counts   |   10/08/2015
In mid August, 68 executive MBA students travelled to Brazil for an immersion week focused on entrepreneurship, multi-national corporations, and sports marketing—especially timely in a country focused on ...

Patrick Awuah and the Global Impact of the Berkeley MBA

By Morgan Bernstein   |   4/17/2015
In the Berkeley MBA Program, student projects can have lasting global impact. This was the case when work in the International Business Development (IBD) course fed into to creation of a transformational ...

A Top-Ranked Part-Time MBA Program with Global Learning Opportunities

By Julia Sprague   |   1/27/2015
As the top-ranked part-time MBA program, we at Berkeley-Haas work hard to integrate global perspectives into our curriculum and community.

International Opportunities in the Berkeley MBA Program

By Morgan Bernstein   |   12/09/2014
Guest Blogger: Betsy McCormick, MBA 2015 and Haas Student Ambassador

EWMBA Summer IBD draws to a close

By Shamik Bandyopadhyay   |   7/23/2012
With the last team returning home earlier this morning, the first ever IBD session for Haas EWMBA comes to a close. For the past two weeks, five teams have been busy helping for-profits and non-profits with var...

IBD Summer Pilot Program

By Shamik Bandyopadhyay   |   6/03/2012
Jambo! Konichiwa! Ni-Hao! Nomoshkar! Olá!