Gender Equity

Kellie McElhaney teaches in classroom

Diversity | 4 MIN READ

Kellie McElhaney talks equity fluency, courage, and vulnerability

Starting from the position that “if you aren’t intentionally inclusive, you are unintentionally exclusive,” Kellie McElhaney helped develop the concept of equity fluent leadership™.
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Truth torn paper sized for blog

Full-time | 2 MIN READ

Four myths that (still) get in the way of women and leadership

Surprisingly, almost two decades into the 21st century, there are still myths about women in business and leadership that get in the way of our ...
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Nancy Hoque

Evening & Weekend | 1 MIN READ

A glimpse at Lean In at Berkeley Haas

We've previously introduced you to Nancy Hoque, a student in the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program with a passion for gender equity. She has ...
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Diversity | 3 MIN READ

Consulting as a path to social sector leadership, entrepreneurship

For the past three years, 20-26 percent of Berkeley Haas MBA graduates have gone to work in consulting, with companies such as Bain, Boston ...
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Compare the Berkeley MBA Program Options

Same world-renowned faculty. Same global alumni network. Same top-ranked MBA.
Different schedules.

Compare Berkeley MBA Programs

Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

From building product to building business, an MBA career move

When Manasi Jagannatha began her first year as a student in the Evening & Weekend Berkeley Haas MBA program, she was working in engineering and ...
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Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

Closing the gender gap: Female CEOs from Gap Inc. share wisdom

When we pulled together a room full of women at Gap Inc. headquarters, recently, it was an opener to what we intend to be an ongoing conversation ...
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Nancy Hoque.jpg

Evening & Weekend | 3 MIN READ

MBA student Nancy Hoque leans in for gender equity

Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In sparked a long-awaited conversation around women in business, dynamics of gender roles (both professional and personal), ...
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Evening & Weekend | 1 MIN READ

Video: Advancing careers—and women—as Evening and Weekend MBA leaders

Two women, initially unsure if their backgrounds were right for an MBA program, now lead the student association for the Evening & Weekend Berkeley ...
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Evening & Weekend | 2 MIN READ

Women in tech: 5 things I learned about succeeding in Silicon Valley

There’s been a lot in the news recently about the challenges women face in Silicon Valley—and in the tech world more broadly. Since many women here ...
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Full-time | 3 MIN READ

Teaching + MBA + consulting = my path to social sector leadership

I decided to make a career in education the day I met Efia, in the summer before my final year of college. She was eight years old and had spent her ...
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Diversity | 2 MIN READ

MBA student perspective: A non-traditional student finds her voice

I am probably not the typical image that comes to mind when most people think of a business school student. After majoring in art history in college, ...
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Energy | 2 MIN READ

MBA Student Perspective: Sharing Haas with a Partner

It wasn’t an easy decision to uproot my life—and my partner Ben’s life—to move across the country from Boston to pursue my MBA at Berkeley-Haas. 
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