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Berkeley's Finance and FinTech clubs deepen the MBA experience

By Morgan Bernstein   |   12/12/2019
The Berkeley Haas MBA program has nearly 70 student-run clubs, ranging from just fun social groups like the Haas Beer Club to career-driven organizations like the two highlighted here. We talk to Mike Doherty, ...

8 Reasons to Consider an MBA

By Angela Fleekop   |   9/05/2017
Your MBA journey is unique, launched by a set of experiences and aspirations that belong to you alone. But if you’ve been asking yourself, “Why get an MBA?”, chances are you’re thinking about the pursuit of ...

An EMBA Evening on Healthcare Entrepreneurship

By Richard Wilson, EMBA 15   |   2/24/2015
How do you strike out on your own from a steady job, start a company in the notoriously hostile arena of healthcare and thrive? For anyone who’s pondered this question, we found three individuals who’d done ...

International Opportunities in the Berkeley MBA Program

By Morgan Bernstein   |   12/09/2014
Guest Blogger: Betsy McCormick, MBA 2015 and Haas Student Ambassador

How to Get the Most Out of Your EMBA Experience

By Susan Petty   |   2/24/2014
A few of our alums sat down recently with students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program to share insights. Here's what they had to say about getting the most out of the EMBA experience:

Advice from Alums: Changing Careers During Your EMBA Program

By Susan Petty   |   2/24/2014
A few of our alums sat down recently with students in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program to share insights and advice. Here's what they had to say about changing careers during your EMBA Program:

Join the Berkeley MBA for Executives at Our Special Women's Networking Dinner

By Vanessa Martini   |   11/07/2013
We would like to invite you to a Special Women’s Networking Dinner and reception hosted by the Berkeley MBA for Executives and Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Programs.

EMBA Event Opportunities for Prospective Students

By Vanessa Martini   |   3/21/2013
The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program hosted a number of events during the 2012-2013 admissions season. In addition to the information sessions held throughout the Bay Area, the West Coast and online, prospec...

Thoughts on Orientation Week

By Vivek Girotra   |   8/27/2012
As I sip on a coffee and finally unwind for a bit on a warm Sunday afternoon in a café playing classic rock on Shattuck Ave, I realize this is a good time to reflect and pen down my thoughts on the past few ...

EWMBA Summer IBD draws to a close

By Shamik Bandyopadhyay   |   7/23/2012
With the last team returning home earlier this morning, the first ever IBD session for Haas EWMBA comes to a close. For the past two weeks, five teams have been busy helping for-profits and non-profits with var...