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Meet our students over winter break

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   12/20/2010
Hi! I'm Kara, Assistant Director, and I've been working with Berkeley-Haas Full-time MBA students to set up our winter break coffee chats. They travel all over the world during winter break and their enthusiasm...

Not Just Business

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   11/16/2010
In a typical week, about a third of our time is spent in the classroom, a third on extracurriculars and a third on social activities. Sometime in the middle of Fall B, however, the Haas calendar kicks into over...

Cohort Karaoke Competition Tonight!

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   10/08/2010
So every month there's a Consumption Function held in the Haas Courtyard. All from the Haas community are welcome - students, partners, alumni, faculty, staff, babies, and dogs. Yes, even dogs. Typically there ...

Haas Job Seekers Kick Off with Firm Night!

By Eugene Kim   |   9/10/2010
School has just barely started and the quest for the perfect job has already begun! For Haas students looking to make a career transition, or those working to reach the next step along their career trajectory, ...

Annual Haas Picnic

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   6/28/2010
About a week ago, we had our Annual Summer Haas Picnic. This year it was at Tilden Park, thrown by our Social Events Committee. It was a nice afternoon in our typical, moderate, Bay Area weather.

Days at Haas 1 – T minus 6 days!

By Eugene Kim   |   4/02/2010
From fellow HSA, Chuck Doppelt '11:

Haas Tech Club @ Crunchies

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   1/10/2010
Students at Berkeley will never stop raving about the opportunities you get to interact with techies and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. Last week, about 10 Haasies got together to attend the "Crunchies".

LAHBA Coronation Dinner

By Ricardo de Paula   |   12/09/2009
LAHBA initiatives have really helped me to feel home at Berkeley. During this first semester the club promoted a series of events that provide amazing professional and social interactions between students. The ...

Freedom, Parties and Elections

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   11/18/2009
The end of this week marks the end of the semester for me in terms of academic responsibilities. And that is freedom indeed. A little early you ask? Yes, it is a little early. I opted to take two 2-unit ...

The Multi Club Firm Night

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   10/23/2009
This week, several student-run clubs got together to sponsor the multi-club firm nights. The Multi-Club Firm Night is an annual career event hosted by the Haas Marketing Club, General Management & Strategy Club...