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10 Takeaways from My Full-Time Berkeley MBA Experience

By Eileen Vanderwilt   |   6/13/2014
To cap off finishing my last final of my last class at Haas today (?!?!!?) I wanted to share 10 MBA takeaways—written for future me so I never forget—for anyone thinking about going back to school or the ...

Contest Winners

By Morgan Bernstein   |   3/19/2013
In February we held the "What's Your Defining Principles Contest" and received over 100 submissions from the prospective student community. Thank you for sharing your values and inspiration with us! The top ...

Beyond Yourself Consumption Function

By haasmbastudent   |   4/07/2012
Beyond Yourself!

Fall 2012 Application Now Available

By Stephanie Fuji   |   8/19/2011
Our application is now available!

On the Fallacy of the Business Major and Always Being a Student

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   10/23/2010
During my application process and after my acceptance to Haas, I thought I would have an advantage over my classmates when it came to the academic setting of business school. The completion of my first quarter ...