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Asia Business Conference

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   3/15/2008
After a busy week of Spring-A finals, two Italian exams and the officially unofficial End-of-Spring-A party I had a hard time getting up this morning. But since I had registered (and paid) for the 2008 Haas ...

Long time no post

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   11/12/2007
I haven't posted in quite a while, so this is a short update about what's been going on in my MBA-life over the last weeks My housemates rock 3 weeks ago we celebrated Halloween with almost 400 other MBA ...

Long time no posting

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   10/27/2007
I have not dropped out of this blog. If you did miss my postings, well why didn't you say so? You should have commented, "Bring back Rags".

Berkeley Digital Media Conference

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   9/27/2007
This is a short promotional plug for the Berkeley Digital Media Conference organized by the DMEC club at Berkeley (note that this club includes Haas and other schools at UC Berkeley, but majority are Haas).

Recorded my first podcast at Haas

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   9/22/2007
Despite the workload, all solid colored Outlook calendars, there are a few things that I always find time to do. One big thing at Haas is, there are tools and connections available to do anything you set your m...

My first week at Haas

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   8/30/2007
I was warned about how hectic the first semester was going to be but I think nothing could have prepared me for the actual experience. 4 days into the course and I'm already learning hard lessons in time manage...