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Learning Outside the Classroom

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   9/19/2010
Like most of you looking to come to Berkeley, I am sure that the location of the school is very attractive. Being close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Haas benefits from having alumni, industry experts ...

SF Music Tech: The Bits in the Beats

By Vince Huang   |   5/18/2010
The San Francisco Bay Area is fast becoming the hot-bed of music and technology. Both Pandora and Mog are in Berkeley's backyard (Oakland and Berkeley, respectively). The MBA experience at Haas is more than ...

Bringing Alums and MBA Students together for a night of Scotch

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   4/15/2010
Guest Post: David Breger, Co-President of the Berkeley Digital Media and Entertainment Club (DMEC) gives us a peek into the different events hosted by clubs at Haas. This recap is cross posted on the DMEC Blog.

Symantec Tech Trek

By Tim Potter   |   11/09/2009

On the other side of town

By Vince Huang   |   11/01/2009

The weekend of the Blue Angels

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   10/12/2009
One of the things I really enjoy at Berkeley is that I can take a break from my MBA experience every once in a while. Yes, there are a million assignments (Only four, but I assure you it feels like a million), ...

From Orientation to Finals: Looking Back!

By haasschoolofbusiness   |   10/09/2009
Time sure does fly, especially when you're having non-stop fun. As first years, we've already seen, done, heard, learned, and experienced an incredible amount. And the proof is in the list:

Tri Girl Tri

By Hrishika Vuppala   |   10/07/2009
Last Saturday, about fifteen fine ladies from Haas teamed up to participate in the TRI, GIRL, TRI!® - 6th Annual All Women's Triathlon at Napa. The group included a nice mix of experienced athletes and ...