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Evening & Weekend MBA Students Reap the Benefits of Commuting

By Rahul Sampat   |   11/24/2015
For busy part-time students who want to continue their careers, a long commute can at first sound lethal to obtaining an MBA.  But as many students of the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program know, commuting ...

Why Berkeley-Haas? How Full-time MBA Students Made Their Decisions

By Morgan Bernstein   |   10/30/2015
Deciding where to go to business school is a highly individual choice, with students choosing based on such things as course offerings, culture, network strength, and the caliber of faculty and fellow ...

The Executive MBA: Is it a Fit for You?

By Susan Petty   |   10/25/2015
Perhaps you're considering an MBA, but feel you're too far along in your career to hit the pause button. Or maybe your job requires ongoing travel commitments, or you'd rather not relocate to earn the degree. ...

Financing Your Part-Time MBA: Your Questions Answered

By Julia Sprague   |   9/28/2015
An MBA is an investment you make in yourself. It delivers a foundation of knowledge, a set of skills, and a network that can play a strong role in your success (even while you're still in the program!), but, ...

Convincing Employers to Help Finance Your EMBA—Advice from Students

By Susan Petty   |   9/24/2015
Be prepared, be connected, be flexible, and be tenacious—these are some key points of advice from executive MBA students who have secured financial assistance for their program from employers.

Financing Your Executive MBA: Asking Your Employer for Sponsorship

By Susan Petty   |   9/11/2015
When it comes to financing your executive MBA, one idea is both obvious and difficult—asking your employer for assistance. Clearly, your employer will benefit from your advanced training, but many companies ...

Infographic: Meet the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Class of 2018

By Laura Counts   |   9/01/2015
These ambitious professionals, who began classes in early August, are holding down demanding jobs while tackling the rigorous Berkeley-Haas program. 

Our Top 5 Suggestions for Getting to Know the Full-time Berkeley MBA

By Morgan Bernstein   |   8/11/2015
Right about now in your MBA search, your head is probably full of b-school buzzwords. Like value proposition. Like authentic leadership. Like “FOMO.”  As you explore MBA programs, you’ll not only be learning wh...

Taming the Berkeley MBA Application

By Susan Petty   |   8/06/2015
It can feel overwhelming to face a b-school application. But, armed with a few tips on what adcoms are really looking for (and why), you’ll see that it’s not so daunting.