Top Highlights of My First Year in Evening & Weekend MBA Program


It’s been four weeks since we finished finals and I now finally feel like I have caught up on my sleep and relaxation - no kidding. First year turned to be every bit as taxing as we were told it was going to be during orientation but it wasn’t without its moments. And now is an appropriate time to countdown the top ten highlights of my first year in the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA program:

10. Wrapping up the final exam of first year with a water fight which was a great idea because our brains were completely fried by that time and the water helped cool us down for the presentations that followed. Fun times!

9. Out of the 60 flights I took for classes, I only missed one flight. Not bad I think. It sucks though that it was because of something silly like the alarm not going off.

8. Being picked to be on the blog squad which has been a very fun experience. I love it especially because it is a long-distance-commuter-friendly activity.

7. Getting to hang out with Axe’rs 2012 every week. There are a few folks I want to give a shout out to:

  • My carpool group (Lahary, Mike, Mukesh & Roopesh) who have been extremely generous to me in terms of giving rides whenever I needed them - You are the best.

  • All my project teams - I have learnt a lot from you.

  • The Seattle group - Love you guys.

6. Greg La Blanc’s Finance class - because La Blanc is La Blanc is La Blanc. Among a faculty that is absolutely fantastic, Greg is one of my favorites. So much so that I am going to act very groupie-like and take up any courses that La Blanc teaches going forward if I get a chance.

5. Being profiled on the EWMBA website. It’s not published yet but I’m guessing it will be sometime soon. So stay tuned!

4. Ending up 3rd in Ops Sim2 after an abysmal performance in Sim1. Victory was ours and boy, was it sweet.

3. HAAS VEGAS - need I say more. Also, it was amazing that I found my camera which I thought was lost for half a day (Thanks, Sandeep!). Those who know me can tell you how important my camera is to me.

2. Moving into a people management role right after completing the ‘Leading people’ class. The timing could not have been more perfect.

1. Figuring out that I have the best family in the world. I always knew this but now I have undeniable proof. There is no way that I could have stayed sane the past year with school and work and commuting if not for my amazing husband & my baby, Zero. It is a known fact that behind every successful part-time MBA there is a family that has the patience of a saint - as was the case with me.












Mikin & Zero - Thank you! You are my life!

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