The Start of a New Semester

With Winter Break now long over (and as expected, it seemed too short), people are getting back into the swing of things once again.

Weekend cohorts have started Operations and Finance intro courses, and the much maligned "3rd Quarter Round" (Who will get TKO'ed?). Basically, many of us have heard from 2nd and 3rd years that this is the hardest of all the "half-semesters" of core courses. It's still early, and it's an amazingly fast 7 weeks remaining for this round (after our first session back, yesterday), but things are looking bright so far.

Despite all the work ahead, it's great to see classmates after the break: some with stories of travels (both work and personal), and others with new babies, and others just plain re-charged from the much-needed rest. We're already talking about study groups, poker nights, outings, club events, and more. Once again, it is amazing to see such different teaching styles in our new professors, but one thing has been consistent: our teachers have an obvious passion and zeal for their respective subjects.

A few wins at work, and a lot of personal things churning. These random tidbits of life have kept the road arduous, but more than worthwhile. We'll keep you updated on the journey, as we get a year under our belts (for some of us, our first)---half way there.

Of course, we've had buzz around our new president and the inauguration (Berkeley and Politics, anyone?). So, there certainly is an air of change and high expectations. Let's see how fruitful both elements drum out over the next few months! Lastly, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone (Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gung Hay Fat Choy, etc.). Hope to see you on campus.
- Tim

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