The Simulation Project That Took Over Our Life - Part I

It started exactly one week ago. We were assigned part one of two of the Operations project which involved running a simulated factory for four days. As the Operations managers of this factory we were required to make a few key decisions in order to maximize the company's revenues. All the teams in the class were competing against each other and the winning team was the one with the highest cash standing at the end of 268 (simulated) days. I don’t want to give away the punch line to those who might do this project in future but just think of the most fun school project you ever did and multiply that by a hundred - that’s how fun this one was.

The competition was intense and it was impossible to stop obsessively monitoring our rank against other teams while the simulation ran from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon and as the title says, this project completely took over my life this past week. My only consolation, if that, was that everyone else in class was equally addicted.

Apart from being fun, the project also reinforced some valuable lessons such as:

5) Kiwis are very smart birds (the class knows what I’m talking about)
4) Do your homework and plan well
3) Be proactive
3) Do not get too drunk on your position when you are at the top
1) Having the right strategy is way more important than putting in long hours

To RohmHaas & OpsNinjas: Congratulations on a job well done and watch out because we are coming to take away your spot.

To the incoming class: You are in for an absolute treat in the third term. My only advice to you is - pick your teams wisely. More than anything, you need people who will forgive you for making stupid mistakes.

This week we need to complete the second part of the simulation and clearly all the teams are geared up for another round of competition prepared with the insights gained from last week. I can’t wait to see which team will win. Of course, I’m hoping it’ll be mine.

Good luck all!

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