The Party Doesn't Stop

If you can pry yourself away from case studies, or if you're a third year and could use a breather from job searching or wanted to try a different approach to networking, the Evening and Weekend MBA Association (EWMBAA) Alumni Committee had just the right event to take a break - bowling.

The committee organized an afternoon networking event for students, faculty, and alumni at Strike Bowling in Cupertino. Here is Evonne sporting her Class of 2011 T-shirt. We enjoyed a fun time hanging out with fellow classmates and as you know, b-school students are highly competitive, so that made things more interesting.

Many of us had heard that Professor Frank Schultz is a good bowler, but he proved it with his score of 135 and his winning the grand prize for the afternoon, a gift certificate to Best Buy. Here he is with his wife Jennifer, whom also happens to be the COO and Senior Assistant Dean at Haas. Yes, Haas runs in the family.

The parties don't stop though. This weekend will be the annual Holiday party. This year, we'll be combining the fun with the full-time and Berkeley-Columbia students too. If you're not exhausted with school, don't worry, the parties just keep on coming :)

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