The End is Nigh...

Well, its been a really hectic semester - I can't believe how time has flow and its been so long since I blogged. As for the *it's - I can't believe you guys are planning to commute to Berkeley for 3 years - that's some dedication. I've done it for 2 semesters and its been very tough. I think I've come down with more flu's this year than any other year.

But I have some exciting news - I'm heading to Dubai in January with the international seminar. With the current financial situation there, its is very interesting to be visiting. Not to mention the cool class I'm traveling with. We got together last week for our briefing, and we're all very excited. Working out rooming lists, sharing flight details and discussing the all important - what to pack!

I'm also excited because I've reached the end of my Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA classes. It was tough towards the end, I was at Berkeley till late on Thursday night working on a presentation for Friday with my Pricing team. But we still managed to go out for sushi with the class on Thursday. It was also tough at the end, because it got a little emotional in the class - lots of joy that the intense program was over for the BCEMBA Class of 2010, but also a little sadness. It was a little sad for me because I'd grown close to the class, but won't be with them for graduation or their final dinners etc. They've been a fantastic bunch that I have really enjoyed getting to know, and was honored that they accepted me so much into their class.

The only class I have left is Mergers & Acquisitions, where we have a presentation of our deal pitch on Saturday morning. I also have my Advanced Entrepreneurship group project due Saturday (aka the Customer Development Model). These teams have been so efficient - I think as we're getting towards the end of the program we're all getting really great at this group project process! I thank my teams for all their hard work, and for being such supportive team members. They have been a pleasure to work with!

So, for now, its back down to it - two assignments to go.... But its getting so close to the end, that it is getting hard to focus.

Then after Saturday I have 4 weeks vacation back at home in Australia, before I head to Dubai. I'll still have to read about Dubai, and do a company briefing for the Dubai trip over the next few weeks. But for now it feels nice to think I'm coming to the end and getting a break soon!

Good luck with exams all!



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