The Best Feeling

Remember the high you get after the last exam of the semester? I have it now and it feels good.

I turned in my Microeconomics (ME) final take home last night and submitted the final paper for Leading People (LP) this afternoon. This officially concludes Fall Term-A.

So what did we learn? We learnt that even people who make completely crazy choices are considered to be rational as long as their preferences are complete and transitive - that's from ME. The LP class taught us that if you are not deliberate about building the culture within your organization, then the culture builds itself - and this is usually bad, m'kay? Of course we learnt much more than that thanks to our brilliant professors – Nancy Euske (LP) & Shachar Kariv (ME). We’ll miss you!

On top of that, our cohort got the weekend off – which means no flying today. Awesome, right? Today was supposed to be the in-class finals day. But since LP does not have a final exam, our ME prof gave us an option to go with a take home exam instead of an in-class exam. No guesses for what we chose.

I can feel a huge sigh of relief rippling through my entire cohort and from Facebook, I know exactly what they are thinking. Here’s what some of them had to say today.

Ankit says ‘The feeling after finals is incredible! Loving an awesome Saturday in Seattle :-)’
[Ankit is a fellow Microsoftie who also commutes from Seattle. I will write more about how we coordinate our travel arrangements in a later post.]

Lahary says ‘It feels good seeing the kids swim after all these weeks :) I'm realizing how much I miss my Saturdays…’
[Lahary is a Senior Program Manager at HP and has two kids aged five and three. She will forever have my admiration for the amazing job she does of juggling work, family, kids & school]

Sandeep says ‘Final OB paper and micro-econ finals done! Leaving civilization and driving towards the coast for some RnR at some BnB. Should I go north to Mendocino or go south towards Cambria. How indifferent am I towards them? What is my budget and can I use mixed Nash here. Darn, I need to get micro [out of] my head…’
[Sandeep is a Project Lead at Cisco and as you can see he already drank the ME kool-aid. You do us all proud, Sandeep!]

To my cohort, I have only one thing to say to you tonight - Enjoy the free weekend, Over-achievers. You deserve it!

I hope the rest of you are making the best of this weekend as well – and while you do that, I’m going to go watch the Netflix movies that have been laying unwatched all week.

Good night!
- S

This post was written while listening to ‘Blame it’ by Jamie Foxx

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