The 1/8th Mark (of Year 1)

Week five is officially done! Or as I like to think about it, the first half of the first class of the first semester is completed! A small (okay, tiny) accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, but an accomplishment to be sure. I and my fellow classmates have survived the initial onslaught, the unknown, which really was a large part of the anxiety before school started.

Sure you can speak to current and former students, read blogs and articles on how difficult (or easy) the work/life/school balance is to maintain, but until you get a taste for it yourself, it was this vast unknown. I knew was going to shape my life for the next three years, but in what way it would shape it, I didn’t even have a clue. I just knew what everyone told me: It was going to be rough.

With a fair number of classes under my belt, I now feel myself settling into a rhythm. Tuesdays and Thursdays do prove to be very long days, but classes are not so frequent or so long as to be completely exhausting. I don’t want to understate how large of a time commitment it has been… two nights a week in class, several more nights studying, and the occasional Saturdays, but it has been manageable.

It has helped that the professors actively work together to ensure that there have been no overlapping deliverables/midterms, a true testament to how thoughtful they are when it comes to understanding that we are balancing full-time jobs, friends, families, and a life.

I know the work-load will only get heavier though. Thus, while I’m still at a point where I am comfortable with the balance of time between school versus everything else, I know that challenges lie ahead as group projects starting to ramp up, and time-commitments needed for teams increase.

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